Just some comments on the replies to my query (so far).

> > 1) If a regent invests a province that is not currently held by
> any other
> > regent is a roll needed, and, if so, is the target the usual 10?
> >
> I would assume so; note that you'll be able to spend regency, but
> no one
> will opose you, so it should be fairly easy.

I had them roll and everyone made it so it worked either way. Only one
of them had any regency and he only had one point and decided not to
spend it so that didn't come into play.

> > 2) Does an investiture of an unheld province count as a domain
> action
> (i.e.,
> > take a month's time)?
> >
> Yes; but try to get it to take a mo. of the priest's time, not
> your own
> 8-). Of course, it should take as much time as normal 'cause
> presumably
> you're still doing the same meet n greet familiarization you would
> with any
> invested holding/province.

I had it take the whole month as well. However, it is listed as a
"free" actions for priests. I figure the regent-to-be has to spend the
month going through the province and getting to know it. The priest
just shows up and does the ceremony part at the end.

> > 3) What happens if two regents both try to invest a currently
> unheld
> province
> > at the same time?
> >
> initiative determines who gets 1st shot; depending on the
> situation, other
> regents involved could contest this effort, I suppose.

Duhhh! I completely forgot about initiative because this was the first
time any timing problem came up. Given there are over a dozen people
scrambling to pick up the pieces I can see the initiative will become

Ok, changing on the question a bit then:

3a) Assuming player A and player B both decide to invest the same
holding (or do some other mutually exclusive actions). Player A wins
initiative. Does player B know he is going to lose out time-wise and
can thus go off and do something else? I could see B starting out
across the province, shortly realize that everywhere he goes A has
already been there, and deciding to try something else this month.

> > 4) If there are currently unheld holdings in the province being
> invested
> can
> > they be picked up at the same time? In my case it is the law
> holdings
> that
> > are of interest.
> >
> "unheld" holdings need to be ruled up from the get go. I.E. if
> during the
> previous turn you cacked the former ruler, and he didn't have an
> heir,
> either thouse holdings would become someones (a sodbuster or
> whoever would
> become regent), or they would become "free" holdings; I.E. you'd
> have to
> create a law holding and rule it up normally, you couldn't just
> invest
> yourself with all the available slots immeidiately. I.E. in a
> Province
> (5/0), say no one controls the P. currently, and no one has any
> law
> holdings in the P. You could invest the province, but you'd have
> to create
> holding; law, then rule it up. I.E. you don't get a free law (5).

In this case there were already "unheld" law holdings. Others said they
needed to be grabbed separately and I think I will handle it that way
(see below). This will slow down the "land rush", too.

> > 5) Can you invest just a small part of your bloodline to someone
> or can
> you
> > only do it all?
> >
> Seems like it is an all or nothing proposition. Nothing
> specifically
> contridicts this, so whatever works in your campaign should be the
> rule for
> you (this is, of course, always true). But the rules, accessories,
> etc.
> strongly imply that bloodline investiture is an all or nothing
> proposition...but since you can lose part of a bloodline via
> various stuff,
> hmmmnnn, this will require debate, I'm thinking. Right now I'd
> rule no,
> though; all or nothing.

It's not explicit in the rules but one of my players asked. He had a
good idea for how to grab most of the land back all-at-once, but I said
"no" too.

> > In case anyone is interested, the Hag managed to pull off an
> intrigue and
> > poisoned most of the regents and local nobles in Drachenward in
> my
> campaign
> > and made it look like the PCs were in on the plot. The Soldat
> and his
> heir
> > were both slain leaving all the provinces and the law holding
> unheld (as
> per
> > our earlier discussion here).
> >
> Remember what Ed said during that discussion, though; *someone*
> likely
> becomes regent. He feels it in his bones, but perhaps he doesn't
> want to
> make himself known (if, say, he's just a commoner, and doesn't
> want to be
> part of the minion hunt I mentioned, the target of assassin's
> daggers).
> But, if you're ruling that no one inherited, see my comments
> above.

Yeah, Ed said it was "covered in the rules" but I went through the whole
rulebook and didn't see a thing about it. I didn't like the idea of
just picking someone to inherit the whole kingdom; WAY too easy if it's
one of the PCs and WAY too hard if it was an NPC. So I thought I would
go with the "free-for-all" approach. The players surprised me (and the
NPCs) by deciding to spread out and each grab provinces planning to
invest them back to the "rightful" ruler in the future.

In any case there will probably be a war come spring when it becomes
possible to move troops again (something which would be almost
impossible in someplace like Drachenward during winter).

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