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hello, Adam Theo here,
i just read James Ruhland's post from friday on how he doesn't like the
path that FR is going. just like to say that i have agreed with him
very much, just not in SO MANY WORDS! :)
i strongly suggest to Mr Stark & BR Co. that they not do the same as FR
in BR. i would like to see the novels continued alot. but instead of
having the novels about events that are happening, or worse, events in
the near future, try to have the novels about the history of BR. i
think the War and Siege were awesome books just for that. and the one
about the early life of the Higfh Mage Aelies is going to be good, i'm
sure, when it comes out. try to do this kind of stuff. don't get me
wrong, please do develop on the future of BR*some*, but have the future
things as adventures, or campaign ideas, and not "set-in-stone
on-the-shelf novels or campaign hooks". try to have all products on the
future of BR independant of another, so that if a DM can't or won't use
one product, they won't beable to use others. try to have BR as
open-ended as possible. thanks for listening to me ramble. Florida, USA *Webmaster* want a website?
ICQ: 3617306 * page me at
ichat: adamtheo
* a free-market libertarian confucionist social-darwinist

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