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James Ruhland wrote:
>............ Your horse
> [or, better yet, your dog! hey, we're talking reynir, right?] is now
> blooded [give him a holding or two, just for kicks], and you get the higher
> bloodline.
hello, Adam Theo here,
GEEEEZZZ!!! you should have put a warning on that post: "WARNING: DO
these old posts and drinking a cup of OJ. when i came to yours....well,
lets say that it took me by surprise. now my keyboard has sticky juice
all in it. i'm sueing! :) :)

my post on the subjecy was just sent out, so it should be there give or
take a couple of hours.

> wait for the hardback that will gather 'em all up) that not only allows a
> "1st timer" to be invested like this, but to create a holding to start a
> realm. Can't remember where I saw it (sorry), but, esentially, you're
> "exempt" from the normal rules that 1st action (meaning that your realm
> will be weak as a kitten at 1st, and you'll be lucky to acumulate enough
> regency to rule up your new holdings, but no one said founding a new realm
> would be easy!)

ummm...actually you can do this under the status quo of the rulebook.
create holding only costs GB, not RP, so a non-regent can do it. rule
aslo costs one GB and no RP for getting it to 1st level, so a non-regent
can make a domain for himself. there are many things in BR actions that
don't need RP or very little of. that is how the only BR regent that i
have (i DM usually), in Darkstar's PBeM, is very weak with his BL, so i
try to do things thatr don't take RP, to save them for a rainy day. Florida, USA *Webmaster* want a website?
ICQ: 3617306 * page me at
ichat: adamtheo
* a free-market libertarian confucionist social-darwinist

Destiny of Regents Birthright PBeM
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