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Hi Ed,
I am running the Brecht Region for a PBeM, and was wondering what your
ruling is on an error in the book. In the Domain of Dauren the ruler is
Colier Caernson(CC) he also runs the guilds in mentioned in
Dauren's description.(pg22-23) though if you look in the next few pages
you see that the guild "Copper & Coke" is also called (CC) and when you
look at their description (pg29-30) it says that THEY control the guilds in
Dauren. Note that though there is an error...the guilds seem very similar,
in that Copper and Coke is run by a Dwarf, at the same time Colier
Caernson's guilds are run by mostely dwarves too. There are many changes
you can make to solve the problem, these are my ideas.

1. Give Copper & Coke all the guilds, though this leaves Colier Caernson
kinda weak
2. Give the guilds in Dauren to Caernson, though this will make Copper &
Coke puny.
3. Make Colier Caernson the ruler of Copper & Coke, only problem here is
that it makes him kind of OVER powered.

please respond with what you think it was meant to be

I'd recommend handling this any way that fits your campaign but it was my
intention to have the Copper and Coke guild part of Colier Caernson's
holdings. It makes him pretty powerful, true, but he's worked for it. The
dwarf in question (Kobaul) is nearly Colier's lieutenant. You could make
her a vassal of Colier if you wanted (she's earned the right), but I can't
see him giving her the guilds with no bond between them.

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