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    Adam Theo


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    hello, Adam Theo here,
    hey, could someone try to find this for me? it looks like something i
    could really use, or at least look at and cut-then-hash. wrote:
    > Well, I guess a will now throw my 2 GB into the hat on the alignment
    > discussion. Several years ago an article was published in Dragon
    > Magazine ( I don't remember the issue number, I'd have to check) that
    > dealt with an alternate alignment system. It basically was a list of
    > priorities. Instead of picking just an alignment, you had to choose to
    > whom you were loyal. There were seven priorities: self, diety, liege,
    > party, race, family, and I believe country. (I haven't used this system
    > in a while.) A lawful character has to use all seven priorities, I
    > think nuetral used 5, and chaotic used 3. Good meant self went last,
    > evil meant self would be high on the list.
    ** snip
    > If there is interest I could try to find the article. It was a while
    > back so I don't remember all of the details.
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    Bryan Palmer


    Just a short note on alignment.

    About a year ago my gaming group had the same discussion about the
    restrictions or flexibilities of the alignment system. When things got
    a bit heated between the DM and a couple of PCs a third PC made a very
    important point: bringing concepts from a real-world situation (be they
    historical facts or current philosophy) into a "role-playing" game is
    always going to be problematic. The fact is, that the DM must decide
    just how "real" or not he or she wants the game to be. If the DM
    decides that in his or her world paladins must and will live by some
    uniform code of ethics, then that's the way the game will be. To
    develop one particular method or system of how specific characters must
    act, is next to impossible. Each PC has to either learn to live with
    the restrictions and flexibilities of each particular DM and game or not
    participate. But that's one of the greatest strengths of role-playing
    games, the ability to create whatever concept you want of a race,
    society, world, or entire universe.

    Well I'll get off my soap box now.

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