To the BR List

I personnelly want ot write to the list to apologize for our DM's mistakenly
using this list as an e-mail account. We will try to stop this as soon a
possible. Please forgive us for our transgression, we know not what we do.

To the other DM's please stop using this as your e-mail board for your
players. This list is to talk about BR or announce a PBeM only once. Right
now I get about 40 messages a day from this board. I don't think the other
users need to hear our requests.

Thanks for the moment
Bryon Switala
Birthright-The Adurian Empire (Ian's Creation-My Translation)

Birthright Destiny of Regents PBeM
The Largest BR PBeM game coming to the Web

***First Move is November 7, 1997***