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hello, Adam Theo here,
hey, i think you're right! at least as far as i am concerned. i like
that idea. it explains alot.

and also something else: since feudalism seems to come into this a bit,
what does everyone think about Anuire? what i mean is: how does
everyone think of anuire? do you think of it being excactly as midiev.
europe was with feudalism, or something alittle different nb/c of the
existance of bloodlines?

David Sean Brown wrote:
> Actually, this is exactly what I am not suggesting. If you read my
> previous note arefully,I said guild control would seem ot indicate control
> over the major product of an area. So, if it was agriculture, the guids
> would control the movement and trade of al the agricultural products. In
> the BR setting (not medieval england) the aristocrats and nobles are not
> usually of much consequence. In a kingdomes where they are influental,
> surprise! they have guild holdings or other (like temple or law). This
> doesn't seem to be described as a feudal society, so I don't know that all
> the commoners are working on their liege's land..they have the ablity to
> eran income through selling of their skills and products..possibly through
> the guilds themselves. I am not saying that the guilds control every
> aspect of a kingdom, only the one or two parts which ar teh major exports
> of the regions (hence the ability to trade)
> > Ok, so that means if you control a Guild (4) in a province (4) you control
> > everything; all the agricultural land included. (what do the
> > aristocrats/nobles have?), where do the other regents (landed, temple) get
> > off getting any money at all without your leave? IMO, my suspension of
> > disbelief just crashed big time if guilds are *this* monopolistic. They're
> > practically Stalin & Mao's ideal, then.
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