Diego de Alves e Souza wrote:
> I'm aware that I has not been a great contributor to this list. But
> now, as the chance presents itself, I'will let my opinions in.
> Just for curriculum, I've been playing BR since I first bought the
> box, in 95. And befor that, AD&D since 92. And even before that,
> D&D since 84. Considering BR, I've mostly DMed, having just played
> for 4 sessions :(
> I'm posting this in hopes it contains anything of value to anybody,
> so I would appreciate any coments about it. But I would ask the
> people out there to care about the list readability(sp?) on
> replying and consider that the following is "The Truth" only IMC,
> so, please, make constructive reviews. :)
> Lastly, I'm aware that many of the rules/conventions below may have
> been already posted by someone. Whoever you may be, please my thanks
> and appologies for my lack of memory. ;)
> And, well, Ed asked it, so he'll have to deal with it. Eat this...
> :)
> >:)
> >:))
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hello, Adam Theo here,
this is great! thanks. do you (or anyone who contributed to this list)
mind if i put it up on the Destiny of Regents main page? it might help
with helping all BR DMs and players out there.

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