James Ruhland wrote:
> > It sounds like you have done a lot of work on this system Mark. However,
> > the problem with this system IMHO is that a whole lot of other titles
> then
> > have to be changed to accomodate it. The rules of various kingdoms may
> be
> > counts (as in Taeghas or Ilien), Dukes (as in Tuornen and Osoerde),
> Barons
> > (as in Diemed and Ghoere), Princes (as in Avanil), or Archdukes (as in
> > Boeruine), or Queen (as in Aerenwe), as well as the vaious titles that
> > indicate priestly rulers.
> >
> Good point: replace the various titles in dude's system with Earl,
> Viscount, Baronet*, then, though; and it works the same. Roesone is a "new"
> foundation, so the system set up their wouldn't nessisarily have to reflect
> the breakdown of the old imperial title system (with dudes of various power
> levels regardless of title, as you said later). But it would be unlikely
> that the Roesone's would use the same titles for their lesser nobility,
> 'cause other (powerful) realms might take it wrong (wars have started over
> less), and it would cause confusion.
> *I could provide more original, less boring titles, but no one would care,
> so you're stuck with this.
hello, Adam Theo here,
what is tjis system that is mentioned? i must have missed it. if you
could send me a copy personally so as not to clutter theb list with
something thats already been on it.

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