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hello, Adam Theo here,
my rule change: on Trade Route.
the regent NEED NOT have a holding in both provinces. the amount of GB
and DP (domain points) that a regent gets from it equals the level of
the guild holding that he owns in the strat province. so if a guilder
has a guild (3) in a forested place and creates a route to a plains
place, then the route generates 3 GB and 3 DP. if the regent's holding
max's out the province ( aguild 3 in a province 3), then an extra 1 GB
is added if the regent wants. this extra represents the money gained
from being a monopoly, but can cause some people to really dislike him
since he's using his influece to raise the prices.
so a regnt with a guild(7) in a province(7) will get 8GB (if wants to
enforce his monopoly) and 7DP. the route counts as a route going out of
the start province and a route going in the destination province.
the cost for the creation of the route increases by one GB and 1DP for
every level above 5 the regent is trying to create.
it is possible (but should be difficult) for the regnt to create a route
going back the other way. same rules apply.
how's this sound?

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