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hello, Adam Theo here,
the problem wuith all contest interps that i've seen IMHO, (no intent to
flame!), is that it doesn't include a way to both knock a holding down
gradually and quickly. here's my solution:

first successful contest=the holding not generating GB or RP for the
regnt. a 0 level holding is destroyed by the first one.
second success=the level goes down a level for every three points that
the suceeder won by, rounded down, minimum of one. the minimum that the
level can be taken down to is 0.
*so, a guilder contests a rival the first time. suceeds, does again a
second time. succeeds by 7! the target holding goes down by 2 levels.
the holding cannot be destroyed in the same action that it is contested
down from higher levels. so to take a lecvel three holding out, you
must contest first time (no generated GB or RP), and then take it down
to 0, and then destroy the 0 level holding. after a 0 level holding is
destroyed, the regent that was kicked out may not return the same type
of influence to the province for 6 months.

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