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Here is an example of how I want turns to be turned in, ok?

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Domain Name: Djafra

Domain Turn 1.1
Regency: =09=09Maintenance: =09=09=09Treasury:
54 RP=09=09=0914GB=09=09=09=0986GB=09=09=09=09=09=09

Free Actions: Build Grand Palace: Build a new Sultan Palace for new Sulta=
n make it extremely exquisite. Make it cost 60GB.
GB: 1 GB+ 60GB
RP: 0
Success: 5+

Domain Actions: Contest: Contest Law holding in Djafra:
GB: 0
RP: 1RP + 11RP (extra RP) =3D 12RP
Success: 10(base) - ( 7(current regent province) - 3(my Law holding) =3D =
+4) - 11(my extra RP's) =3D 3

Lt. Actions: None this round

End of Turn 1.1
I will do all of this math work and send actions and what is left over ba=
ck to you. I want turns to be turned in like this, just like above. Make =
it so that it is easier on me and on you.

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