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    Realm info sheets(Khinasi)

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    Here is an example of what I want on the Realm info sheet. You look at the web
    site and fill in the blank areas on this sheet and I shall fill in the rest of
    whatever you cannot fill out. I know that there are some areas on here that
    you cannot fill out, But I will fill out whatever you can't. If you do not
    know what to fill out, first ask yourself if you have turned in a character to
    me. If you have, then you should be able to fill in most areas. All I want you
    to fill in is your regent status, Domain status on provinces, holdings in
    other areas, and armies and navies if you have gotten that info from me. If
    you have not, then I will fill out that section. Please!!! After you get your
    character back from me, please fill this out and get this back to me as soon
    as possible, ok? You should be getting another example of how I want domain
    turns turned in.

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    DOMAIN RECORD (Djafra)

    Regent Information-
    =09Name: Karim el-Djafra=09=09=09Title: Sultan
    =09Race/Sex: Khinasi/ Male=09 =09=09Class-Level: Wizard-21
    =09Bloodline Derivation: Basaia=09 =09Blood Strength: Great (90)
    =09Current Regency Points: 103

    Domain Information-
    =09Name: Djafra
    =09Capital Province: Djafra=09=09Capital City: Djafra
    =09Domain Score: 35 =09=09=09Treasury: 123 GB

    =09Domain Maintenance: 23GB=09=09Court Maintenance: 6GB
    =09Army Maintenance: 10GB =09=09Lieutenant Maintenance: 2GB
    =09Navy Maintenance: 6GB=09=09=09Total Maintenance: 47GB
    =09Trade Route Income: 12GB
    Provinces Controlled-
    Name=09 =09Terrain=09=09Level=09=09Castle=09=09Loyalty=09= 09 Tax=09=
    Qadal=09=09forests=09=092/5=09=09level 2=09=09average=09=09=09moderate
    =09=09=09=09=09Total Collected: 9GB

    Holdings Controlled-
    Province(Realm)=09=09Type=09Level=09Description=09 Collections=09=
    Bagira(Djafra)=09=09Law=093=09infantry units=09=09Law vs. >=09=09=09
    Qadal(Djafra)=09=09Source=095=09Wizard Tower=09=09none=09=09=09
    Adeid(Khourane)=09=09Law=090=09spys=09=09=09none=0 9=09=09=09
    Djafra(Djafra)=09=09Law=094=09scouts/ archers=09=09Law vs.=09

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    Robert Harper

    Realm info sheets(Khinasi)

    Please take this to private email NOW!

    At 02:58 AM 11/1/97 EST, you wrote:
    >Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
    >Here is an example of what I want on the Realm info sheet. You look at the web
    >site and fill in the blank areas on this sheet and I shall fill in the rest of
    >whatever you cannot fill out.


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