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hello, Adam Theo here,
i as well. i believe that evil acts would in no way alter someone's
bloodline. not from reynir to azrai, nor from vorynn to azrai. evil
acts would only affect alignment and personality. but if the scion
already has azrai, then an very evil act, one that is so un-good, (there
are many creative and philosophical points to being evil) it would
strengthen his bloodline. shadow would reward those that are evil. how
can this shadow reward those that are evil and not andurias reward those
of noble heart? IMO, a form of azrai (not a recipient of his power,
i.e. a new god or powerfulawn) still exists. azrai was so powerful as
to need six other gods to compete with him, and then still was winning.
the other gods were destroyed, their power distributed, and azrai's
power was given to belinik, krieshna, and the scions (awn.). but a
large part still exists. in the shadow world?
but, just to say, i think it is possible for a scion of Azrai to gain
straength under special conditions. not for "normal" evil acts.

Diego de Alves e Souza wrote:
> This is no flame, just a strong opinion, so please...
> I've noticed( maybe I'm wrong) that there is a tendency around
> dsitributing Azrai derivation for any evil acts, bloodtheft, and others.
> Just my opinion: A character's bloodline does not dictates
> in anyway the character's behaviour, that is, a person blooded with
> and anduiras bloodline can be twisted beyond imagination, and his
> bloodline does not have anything to do with it.
> What I think that could happe it that the regent behaviour can
> disturbe his "realm", or the land to wich he is linked and vice-
> versa, but not the bloodline.
> Well, and the the matter of my latest pos( rules/conventions).
> A firend of mine congratulated me in my mathematical ability(
> see the itens numbering). My appologies( I've lied when I've
> said it would be none) tho those that feel a good numbering is essencial
> :)
> Diego de A. e Souza
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