BI>I haven't been using BR much, but I have got some ideas what I had done
BI>differently if I had been one of the creators of the best AD&D world ever. T
BI>first ting would have been the size of the realms, as I have understod the
BI>whole thing is that the "king/queen" of the realm is the one who owns all th
BI>provinces in the realm. This makes a quite unfeudral system which I think is
BI>the system most people thinks of when they thinks of midievel period and
BI>fantasy games or is it only I who like to have a less developed civilization
BI>then the rest of you? I would have liked to see some sort of heracy (spl?) i
BI>each realm (atleas the bigger ones) where the kng/queen has vassals, and in
BI>this case that the domains would be smaller so there would be more of them i
BI>a realm.
Try reading the Endier or Roesone domain book. Both these talk about
the minor nobles that are under the regents. It is easy to set up minor
nobles under the regent in any domain.
I like to take it one step further. I like the idea of minor regents
and vassals of a major regent. I don't know why this wasn't used more
often. Small regents ruling single provinces all pay regency to a large
regent who runs the capital. While the main regent is technically in
charge, the low regents still have some freedom to take their own

Robert Thomson