BI>Has anyone noticed that there are no high level priests mentioned anywhere
BI>in Birthright? The highest I have found is a 13th level one in

BI>Was this intentional? It is kind of interesting having none of those
BI>spells (such as Ressurection) available, but I think the rulebook should
BI>have clearly stated that somewhere.

iI like that there aren't as many high level characters. It is possible
to reach high levels, but it is the exception not the rule (unlike some
other game worlds...cough... cough...Forgotten Realms!). I actually
knock down the levels of a lot of NPC's when I run. I think anyone
above 10th level in BR should be almost unheard of (with the exception
of very powerful individuals who reach legendary status.) This is one
problem I had with Legacy of Kings, too many high level characters
popping up from nowhere.

Robert Thomson