> I have to point out a thing about altering, let say you alter something
> much, this leads that you will not be able to use many of the future
> suppliments without altering them too alot, as they somehow always
> refers to what you have altered. Eg. if you in FR would have altered
> away Elminster and his sisters and brother, then you would sit there
> with a lot of work when you bought your next boxset as somehow
> atleast two of those 9 are always in a module.
Exactly my point (or part of it, anyhow). Many, if not most, of us by the
accessories, adventures, etc, 'cause we don't always have time to do it
ourselves. If we don't follow the development path of the campaign world as
directed by the powers that be, this defeats the purpose of buying stuff
('cause now we've got to do some work to shoehorn it). But if we do, and
they take the world down a path that eliminates the evil bad guys while
raising up the forces of good, with no PC involvement; well, unless you're
running a campaing featuring evil PCs, you're messed--fewer adventure

> Here is something which I hope Ed & Co would do, don't refere to
> an older module about something as that module will be out of print
> and what a fun is it to sit there with an expensive box which you
> can't hardly use as you don't have all the previous boxes, that
> was the case with the FR box Myth Drannor, it refered to the
> 1st ed campaign boxset, which had been oop for years when
> the MD box came. And if you do have to save space and can't reprint a
> atleast give more than only the name of the monster or suggest
> an alternative monster from Monstrous Manual which I think
> most of us has.
I don't mind so much when it refers to some event that occured in a past
supliment, etc; but I agree with dude--if you're gonna put some esoteric
monster or spell in from a previous OOP accessory, re-print their spec
> The BR novels develop the world without really killing off any major
> characters or completing major plots.

That's true; I should've been more clear that I *like* the direction that
the BR universe is going in, now, and my comment was aimed at making sure
that it kept going down the right path. Considering how successful the FR
is, from a sales standpoint, the temptation will no doubt exist to have the
BR universe develop down similar lines (not similar in the sense of
history, backround, atmosphere, but similar in the sense of products put
out for it and the nature of thouse products.)

Ok, a brief comment on the fudalization stuff: In BR a blooded regent rules
a realm (might be landed, might be religious, might be guilds, might even
be a group of strongmen extorting cash from all the above, theoretically [a
realm consisting solely of law holdings]). The blooded regent rules the
realm, but their are a lot of underlings, subalterns, etc. that administer
various portions of the realm; minor nobles that hold provinces or parts of
provinces as their fiefs, lesser priests that administer temples, guild
factors in distant cities, etc. A DM can make these guys as important or
unimportant as they want, depending on the level of detail/abstractness the
characters want to experience. They could be just faceless drones who carry
out the PCs commands, or detailed NPCs, etc. But since they are not blooded
regents, they don't run their fiefs (or whatever) with the same
independance as a fudal lord could. But they are out there.