OK I know I'm goin gto get flak for this but here goes.

Type: Domain, Realm
Success: 10+
Base Cost: 1 RP

A regent can neutralize another regent's holdings by contesting his
influance. If the attempt is successful, the contested holding does not
generate regency or Gold Bars for its owner, for that month. After the first
contest month the holding does begin to generate regency and Gold. If the
holding is contested again by the same attacker before the controlling
regent can rule it, the level of the holding falls by one. A level 0 holding
is destroyed by being contest.

The success number for the contest is modified by the difference between the
attacker's holding (or province rating, if he is the ruler) and the
contested holding.

The holding stays in a contested mode until:
*The attacker relent.
*The attacker loses all of his own holdings or rule of the province.
*The defender succeeds in a rule action.

Three thieves are rivals in a province (7). Wirt controls a guild
(3), Bensien controls a guild (2), and Dorn controls a level (2). If Wirt
contests Bensien's holding, his success number becomes a 9 or better. If
Bensein or Dorn contest Wirt they have a success number of 11. And If Dorn
contests Bensien the success number is 10.
Example continued:
Dorn contests Wirt and succeeds. This month Wirt gains no regency
or Gold. The next month he again recieves his goods. Now if Dorn contested
again and succeeded, before Wirt could rule. Wirt's holding would go to a
level (2) leaving a space open for anyone to fill. But, if Bensein
contested Wirt the level would not drop, it would only freeze Wirts regency
and Gold Bars for that month. Wirt had better rule his holding to stop the
loss of level.

Basicly contest is the action of witling away at another regents holdings.
It takes time to place people inside your enemies holdings or close the
doors to his profits.
I also don't believe in the concept that all I have to do is contest once
and then have a holding invested to me, but that is for another day.

Well I await your wrath,
Bryon Switala
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