Chris Kirby wrote:

> Has anyone noticed that there are no high level priests mentioned anywh=
> in Birthright? The highest I have found is a 13th level one in
> Tuornen(sp?).
> The reason I bring this up is that in the campaign I am running, a
> character tried to break into the room of a priestess of Karesha. Afte=
> being tortureded for several days, he eventually escaped missing half o=
> his left hand. When he asked about priests who can cast the 7th level
> spell regeneration, I couldn't find any. That means no 7th level spell=
> are available.
> Was this intentional? It is kind of interesting having none of those
> spells (such as Ressurection) available, but I think the rulebook shoul=
> have clearly stated that somewhere.
> What does everyone think?
> For now, the character is nursing his hand, trying to relearn some of h=
> affected thieving skills, and plotting the downfall of Karesha's temple=
> [as the Quartermaster for the mercenary company, he does have some
> influence]

I think BR was designed as a Low powered World, a reason is because of it=
"hook." It's very play concept. It's not like FR where you can find a h=
level priest in Waterdeep or Suzail, it's more like a low powered campaig=
where the Pope would be a 12th-level cleric.

As for a regeration attempt? Make a special quest for the PC and his gui=
ld to
go find "Asreal's Wand of Regeneration!" or some similar artifact (artifa=
wouldn't be a bad term for such a magic item!). Then, whole, the thief w=
have all the members of his body needed to storm the temple.

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal GM."