Has anyone noticed that there are no high level priests mentioned anywhere
in Birthright? The highest I have found is a 13th level one in

The reason I bring this up is that in the campaign I am running, a
character tried to break into the room of a priestess of Karesha. After
being tortureded for several days, he eventually escaped missing half of
his left hand. When he asked about priests who can cast the 7th level
spell regeneration, I couldn't find any. That means no 7th level spells
are available.

Was this intentional? It is kind of interesting having none of those
spells (such as Ressurection) available, but I think the rulebook should
have clearly stated that somewhere.

What does everyone think?

For now, the character is nursing his hand, trying to relearn some of his
affected thieving skills, and plotting the downfall of Karesha's temple...
[as the Quartermaster for the mercenary company, he does have some

Chris Kirby