I have been kicking an idea around in my head, and since there is a soccer
field size space up their, it is a pretty big idea.. I have thought about
converting the BattleTech system for use in BR Wars. It may sound odd, but
the movement, hex grids and other elements are in place and would not take a
complete overhaul. But unfortunately, I have little time to play with this
idea anymore due to the birth of my son ( not a complaint ). I am throwing
this out here incase anyone wants to pick up the idea and run with it. You
could use the infantry records as a base, and modify its to hit number and
damage by type of unit, etc. Hopefully, this will give someone a few ideas.

And if anyone does convert it, I want to put my Mad Cat up against Avan's
and Bourine's armies... :)

"seven for a secret, never to be told.... you're all going to die""