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Thread: Blood of Azrai

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    Joel Parrish

    Blood of Azrai

    ======== Original Message ========
    I'm gonna jump into the discussion discussing the Taint of Azrai.

    I'm not going to argue how a DM(or Player) should view having a
    Bloodline of Azrai, what I'm going to discuss is this stuff about
    acquiring Azrai's bloodline by doing various things.

    Ok, Let's say my bloodline is that of,oh, let's pick Reynir[because I
    like wolves]. Ok, for some reason or another, I do a horrible, and
    despicable act, who knows, maybe I killed my parents and raped the
    horses. Alright, I'm blooded, so my folks probably were too. For
    simplicity sake, let's say the were both Reynir as well. Now, why the
    heck should I get, or even have it possible to get, an Azrai bloodline
    out of this[assuming all of the horses were unblooded]? There's no
    Azrai related blood within 100 miles of our farm[at the East end of
    Albiele], so where woulde it come from? Frankly, I see no reason for
    Azrai to enter into this at all. Now, surely it was an evil act and
    all, and standard Alignment penalties will derive from it[unless I was a
    hideously evil person already], but it shouldn't do anything to my
    Reynir bloodline except maybe raise it's Strength for the Bloodtheft

    Now, Bloodtheft IS NOT an evil practice in, and of, itself. What is
    evil is going around just offing folks for the sake of it, but if you're
    a goodguy Paladin, and you happen to kill a horribly evil blooded
    individual by heart piercing, or even a good person by accident, then
    there shouldn't even be any alignment penalties.

    Now, the only time that this taint of Azrai stuff needs to come in is:

    1) The character already has an Azrai Bloodline
    2) The victim has an Azrai Bloodline
    3) Maybe some artifact in the area[bloodstones?] have Azrai's power in
    4) Investiture of some sort involving an Azrai blooded individual

    Apart from those, I just don't see it. Now, as to how you figure the
    bloodline change, that's up to you.

    As a final note, let me remind everyone, that nobody out there is
    arguing that especially good acts will bring about an Bloodline of
    Anduiras spontaneously, so why should Azrai's be any different. As far
    as I'm concerned, Azrai's bloodline acts exactly like all of the others,
    and before anyone goes pointing to the physical manifestations of it, or
    something like that, just remember that BE introduces the Blood Ability
    that causes that, which is only associated with Azrai[I think it is
    Bloodform], so even that is just a Blood Ability.

    Ok, that's enough from me for now, and, as usual, let me say that all of
    this is just my own, humble, opinion. So, most of you can disregard it,
    however those of you for whom I DM, hahaha, you have to live by it,
    muhaahahahahaha[unless you can convince me why I'm wrong].

    Thanx for listening,

    Tripp'unsubscribe birthright' as the body of the message.
    ======== Fwd by: Joel Parrish ========

    The only ill effect I could see from that act is maybe a blooded centaur a
    few months later..... ;)

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    James Ruhland

    Blood of Azrai

    > I certainly see your point, and I agree that you have a completely valid
    > way of interpreting the rules, but my justification for my own
    > interpretation is three-fold. First, I simply needed some mechanic to
    > my players from becoming blood-crazed homicidal maniacs, and the
    > possibililty that they would become gibbering monsters seemed to work the
    > best.
    Sounds like you've got player problems. Is that what happens when you
    campaign in other AD&D worlds? They go Psyco? A couple dozen powerful folk
    sent by the local ruler (backed up by a few good mages and high priests)
    could solve this.
    > >
    > I would have to disagree strongly. At least to a lawful-good character,
    > accidentally killing a good person IS an evil act, and worthy of some
    > gut-wrenching guilt if nothing else.
    Accidents are evil? accidents are an evil act commited by the person?
    Hmmmn, I'll have to think about that one. "Accidents" are evil (oops,
    didn't mean to stab you 36 times. Sorry.) But actual accidents, mistaken
    identity, etc. I can *certainly* see a LG type going through some
    gut-wrenching remorse and guilt (being blase about it "oh, well, he wasn't
    who I thought he was, too bad. Lets move on") would be evil--but note that
    this attitude not caring) is the evil act; not the accident itself. And if
    a LG type kills someone in honorable combat, even a good dude (they're
    fighting over ligit. disagreements, the LG dude fights, as I say,
    honorably, etc) this wouldn't be an evil act, IMO. Again, he should regret
    the fact that it came to that (and hopefully he, well, both of 'em, tried
    to resolve their disputes peacefully, but failed), and be remorseful, but
    this isn't evil. IMO, in Cerilia, because of the political aspects etc.,
    two realms led by good dudes will come to blows more often than they would
    in a flatter (less rich and detailed) setting; penalizing players who do
    this is wrong. Now, if they're fighting for evil motives (they're greedy
    for what the other realm has, for example), they should face the
    consiquenses. But their are a lot of ligit. disputes that could lead to
    strife (disputed border, traditional rivals, religious or cultural
    differences that lead to conflict, etc.) and that shouldn't result in them
    turning into gibbering monsters.

    BTW, why *don't* your players want to become gibbering monsters? Lots of
    monsters have lots of power...(for me, its always asthetics. I can't feel
    good about my dude if he's a slobbering, drooling hulk of reaking
    flesh...which is why I don't play Barbarians.)

    "If you look good, you feel good,
    You feel good, you play good."
    --Leroy Butler.

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