Tim Nutting wrote:
> A quick (hypothetical) question to the list--
> A scion of Basaia has a father of Anduiras bloodline (at conception, his
> line was less powerful than the mother's). The father, after the child's
> birth, went campaigning and united half of Anuire under his banner. Now he
> is on his deathbed and wishes to give his line to his child...
> Does the Anduiras line consume or replace the Basaia line? In the Rulebook
> it indicates that the recipiant gains the bloodline and bloodline score of
> the donor.

The more powerful line would replace the weaker line in this case, as it
is being transfered directly to the Heir.

> What happens to the blood powers the scion posessed previously?

Depends, if they were still able to be used by the Anduiras line then
they would remain, otherwise I would replace them with new blood powers
of equal strength. I did something like this one with one of my
characters whose bloodline derivation changed.

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