Does anyone have a chart or a standard ratio for determining the standing
army of an NPC province? I am running a campaign and have into a dilemma.
That is to say, if my PC's decide to commit suicide by plunging Medoere
into a bloody war with Diemed, how do I decide the size of Diemed's
standing army? It is a simple matter to assume that either side would have
a military build-up if a conflict was brewing. Both sides would undoubtably
commit acts of intrigue on the other, but when it comes down to brass many troops are there? I could even form a ratio of troop types
based on rarity and cost, but how do I determine (other than random
selection) how many galacto bucks (GB) to spend on the said force. Is there
some easy method someone uses based on the average income of a province? Or
perhaps, even better, something based on domain size and total province
quality? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.