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Here are some new units of troops and new ships that I have designed for

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Ian Hoskins

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>From the Darkness we came,
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Northern Adurian Army Units

Part A: The Adurian Legion & other common units.
Part B: Auxiliary & Special Units.
Part C: Nehalim Units.
Part D: Juh & Barbarian units.
Part C: Ships.

A: The Legion & Other Common Units.

Unit Name: Cost: Maintenance:
Legionaries* 4 1
Spearmen 1 1
Swordsmen 2 1
Archers 2 1
Shield Bearers 2 1
Elite Swordsmen 5 2
Cavalry 6 2

* Only available in the Adurian Empire.

1: Legionaries

Move: 1 Melee: 4
Defence: 5 Missile: 2
Morale: X B O +2 Def vs Missile

1 Hit: Melee 3, Missile 1
2 Hits: Melee 2, Missile 0

The Legionary is the most common unit in the Adurian Empire. For nearly
three thousand years the Legion has protected the empire. They are also the
most highly trained soldiers in Aduria, or Cerilia. Each member of the
legion must spend two months in training before they are ready for battle.
This training teaches the soldiers to work together as a team and gives
them an advantage in defence over other units.
The Legionary units are equipped with a breastplate, short sword, large
shield, and spears. General tactics are to attack first with thrown spears,
using the missile rating above, then close and attack with swords. When
fighting hand to hand the Legionary units are trained to stay in formation
no matter what. This cuts loses and presents a united front to any enemy.
When working together in large numbers then the legionaries can create a
virtual wall of metal shields that will deflect most attacks. Because of
this they gain a +2 bonus against any missile attacks (except those from
The Adurian Legion is the the main army of the Adurian Empire. Consisting
of seven different legion, one for each region of the empire. Each legion
consists of between fifty and a hundred units, all up totalling well above
one hundred thousand men. The current legions are,
1st - Aduria (123 units)
2nd - Floresele (52 units)
3rd - Ligurian (67 units)
4th - Genova (54 units)
5th - Udine (112 units)
6th - Bari (95 units)
7th - Bella (108 units)
This gives a total of 611 units or just over 122,000 soldiers. The 1st,
5rd, 6th, and 7th legions are currently being used in a war against Nehalim
and only the weaker provincial troops and Auxiliaries remain.
Apart from the legion many cities also maintain a small army as well,
usually of units not found in the legion.

2: Spearmen

Move: 1 Melee: 2
Defence: 2
Morale: O

1 Hit: Melee 1

Spearmen are the cheapest and often the most common unit in Aduria.
Unarmoured, and armed only with short spears and daggers they are little
use against the powerful Legionaries and more skilled troops. They can
however be mustered in large numbers and sent out to fight with the hope of
overwhelming the enemy that way. Because they are so common Spearmen can be
mustered by any holding (except source) and require only a level 1 holding
to do so.

3: Swordsmen

Move: 1 Melee: 3
Defence: 3
Morale: B X

1 Hit: Melee 2.

Swordsmen are the common military unit in along the east coast of Northern
Aduria. They are equipped with light leather armour, a short sword, shield
and dagger. They are cheap to muster and train, but not as skilled as the
better trained units from the Empire.

4: Archers

Move: 3 Melee: 1
Defence: 2 Missile: 4
Morale: X O

1 Hit: Melee 1; Missile 2

Not common in Aduria archers are found in some northern lands. Aduria
Archers are usually equipped with short bows, leather armour, and a dagger.
They are of little use in hand to hand combat and are usually only used to
soften up an enemy army before the attack, or as skirmishers.
However when combined with a Shield Bearer unit they can prove a dangerous
force as the have the protection to hide behind while attacking the enemy

5: Shield Bearers

Move: 1 Melee: 1
Defence: 6
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Melee 1, Def 5
2 Hits: Melee 1, Def 4
3 Hits: Melee 1, Def 3

This unit is mainly used to protect more vulnerable units like archers and
other missile units. Equipped with breastplates, large wooden shields, and
long spears. Linking their shields together this unit can create a wall
behind which the missile unit can attack from. This raises the protected
units defence to the same level as that of the Shield Bearers. Anyone
attacking the wall of shields is attacked by free members of the unit with
Shield Bearers can also take a lot of punishment before being destroyed,
and are possible the toughest unit in Aduria. Unlike other units when
damaged their defence is reduced instead of their melee value.

6: Elite Swordsmen

Move: 2 Melee: 4
Defence: 4
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Melee 3
2 Hits: Melee 2

This unit has only recently been seen on the eastern coast. The Rebels in
Solontara created the Elite Swordsmen unit to match with the Adurian
Legionaries. The two have not met yet, so a comparison can not be drawn
yet. Although equal in fighting skill to the legionaries, the Swordsmen are
not as organized and have a lower defence.
The Elite Swordsmen are equipped with chain armour, a small shield, and a
large sword. Lighter than most other units they can move quickly and do a
lot of damage.

7: Cavalry

Move: 3 Melee: 4
Defence: 2 Charge: 5
Morale: X O

1 Hit: Melee 3, Charge 4
2 Hits: Melee 2, Charge 3

Cavalry are not used often in Aduria, but some realms have mustered one or
two units of cavalry to protect their realms. Cavalry in Aduria are more
expensive than Cerilia due to the cost of horses. The empire of Aduria does
not use cavalry preferring to rely on its legionaries for most battles, and
use horses only for scouts, messengers and chariots.
Adurian Cavalry are armoured in light leather, carry a broad sword, and a
heavy spear. Unlike in Cerilia cavalry are rarely used to charge enemy
armies, instead used to quickly respond to attacks in far off provinces.

B: Auxiliary & Special Units.

Unit Name: Cost: Maintenance:
Mounted Scouts 4 1
Chariots 9 3
Catapults 5 2
Imperial Guard 10 3
Fangs of Azari* 50 5
Construction Engineers 4 2

* Can only be mustered by a temple 7+ (Azari only)

1: Mounted Scouts

Move: 4 Melee 2
Defence: 2 Missile 3
Morale: B

1 Hit: Melee 1, Missile 2

This unit is found across Aduria. Used to scout the vast areas of open land
across Aduria these scouts are lightly armour and usually carry a short
sword and a short bow. The Aduria Empire currently supports ten units of
mounted scouts and messengers, and sends soldiers from these units across
Their high initial cost represents the cost of horses in Aduria. Once this
initial cost has been paid though the cost of maintaining this unit drops

2: Chariots

Move: 3 Melee: 5
Defence: 5 Charge: 7
Morale: X O B + 1 melee vs inf.

1 Hit: Melee 4, Charge 6
2 Hits: Melee 3, Charge 5
3 Hits: Melee 2, Charge 4

The Elite Unit in the Adurian Empire, made up of armoured chariots with
heavily armoured warriors. Each chariot is pulled by two horses, armoured
with plate barding. These horses are usually the best and strongest
available and powerful enough to pull the chariots at high speeds for long
periods of time. The soldiers in each chariot is equipped in heavy plate
armour and usually wields a long sword or a heavy spear when charging.
These units are currently only found inside the Empire as they are the only
realm with the money needed to muster and maintains such expensive troops.
Several cities inside the empire also maintain a single unit of Chariots as
their contribution to the empire's protection.

3: Catapults

Move: 1 Melee: 1
Defence: 1 Missile: 7
Morale: B

1 Hit: Melee 0, Missile 4

Catapults are used as lot by the Adurian Empire when attacking
fortifications. If the Legion is going up against a fortified structure
then usually at least 1 unit of catapults will be sent along with the army.
Slaves are usually used to load and move the weapons, while the overseers
will aim and fire the stones.
Catapults are never used in hand to hand battles between armies and will
not enter any battle unless they will be needed against a fortification.

4: Imperial Guard

Move: 2 Melee: 6
Defence: 5 Missile: 5
Morale: B X O +1 melee vs inf.

1 Hit: Melee 5, Missile 4
2 Hits: Melee 4, Missile 3
3 Hits: Melee 3, Missile 2

In the imperial capital, the great city of Aduria the Emperor maintains a
personal army of two thousand soldiers. Each of these troops is a member of
the Imperial Guard, which is made up of the most experienced and loyal
soldiers from the Legion. Renowned as the best infantry in all of Aduria
the Imperial Guard travels with the Emperor at all times. Currently they
are with the Emperor during his campaign into Nehalim.
Each member of the guard is equipped with a long sword, breastplate, chain
sleeves and leggings, a short bow, and a shield. Some of these items may
also be magically enchanted as the best soldiers each year in the Legion
are presented with a magical sword or armour by the Emperor. These items
are crafted by the priest of Azari from the Floresele temple, which is
renowned for its skill in crafting magical weapons and armour.

4: Fangs of Azari

Move: 3 Melee: 10
Defence: 10 Missile: 10
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Melee 9, Missile 9
2 Hits: Melee 8, Missile 8
3 Hits: Melee 7, Missile 7

The most powerful unit in all of Aduria, and perhaps the entire planet. The
Fangs of Azari are a small collection (10-12) of powerful priests that can
be raised by and large temple of Azari (7+). Each priest in the unit is
equipped with a hideous enchanted mace that gives the priest his fighting
skills and makes the unit so powerful.
While wielding the weapon the priest are unable to cast spell or heal
themselves, but this can be done after the battle. The weapon also makes
the priest immune to all forms of magic, effectively giving them a magic
resistance of 100% while they are holding it. The missile rating is due to
the balls of black glass that can be produced by the priest using the
weapon. When pointed in the direction of an enemy unit and the command word
spoken a ball of glass is created by the mace and it speeds off in the
direction of the enemy unit. When it is over the unit is drops to the
ground and shatters sending large, sharp shards of glass in every
direction. The damage caused by this attack is worked out similarly to a
missile attack. It takes a round of concentration to activate the weapon so
it can not be done at the same time as the priests are engaged in melee
A temple can only support one unit of these priests at any one time and the
cost of creating the weapons necessary is very high. Each mace cost around
5 GB to produce, and can only be created in one place, the temple of Azari
in the city of Floresele. Each priest in the unit must be at least 15th
level also, and if the unit created is destroyed another can not be
mustered for another five years.
Currently only two Fangs of Azari units exist, one in the city of Aduria,
the other in Floresele.

5: Construction Engineers

Move: 3 Melee: 1
Defence: 1 Missile: 1
Morale: O

A part of the Adurian army the construction engineers are used to direct
the construction of forts and roads as the army advances. The Adurian
legion usually builds large forts during any invasion to protect its
soldiers in case of a surprise attack. If an engineer unit is present then
that army is able to produce a level 1 fortification within only a few
days. This is usually done after a province has been captured, all fit
soldiers are used to cut down trees and builds the fortification. The cost
of this fortification is 1 GB, as it is usually made from wood and not
stone as it would be if it was a more permanent structure. The GB cost is
only for the few supplies that must be abandoned when the fortress is
Each fortress usually consists of a wall of wooden stakes, about 10 ft
high, with towers positioned at regular intervals along the wall. Inside
the armies tents are erected, in neat rows for each unit. Unlike a Cerilia
fortress this one is more open and can hold many more units. Each fortress
can hold up to ten units and they are all protected against attackers,
unless artillery or a general with siege craft is present.
A unit of construction engineers can also direct the building of a road,
cutting the time it takes to do this in half. In peace times they are also
used to help with building temples, palaces, and fortifications.

C: Nehalim Units.

Unit Name: Costs: Maintenance:
Slaves 1 0
Swords 2 1
Archers 2 1
Scouts 2 1
Nobles (Chariots - Spears) 6 2
Nobles (Chariots - Archers) 4 2
Elephants 9 3
War Elephants 12 4

1: Slaves

Move: 1 Melee: 2
Defence: 1
Morale: O

Slaves are common in both Aduria and Nehalim, but only Nehalim sends them
into battle. Slave units are generally pathetic fighters, although in large
enough numbers they can overwhelm an enemy unit. Nehalim has such a large
slave population that the deaths of thousands in battle does not impact on
this population much. Slaves are usually given a basic spear and shield,
few are ever trained.

2: Swords

Move: 1 Melee: 3
Defence: 2
Morale: X B

1 hit: Melee 2

The basic infantry unit, the swords are equipped with a long sword, dagger,
and a wooden shield. The generally do not wear armour, like most of the
other Nehalim units. Well trained, and used in large numbers.

3: Archers

Move: 1 Melee: 2
Defence: 1 Missile: 5
Morale: X O

Equipped with a short sword, and long bow the Nehalim archers are among the
best archers in all of Aduria. They have little in the way of hand to hand
skills though, and are usually placed at the back of any battles.

4: Scouts

Move: 3 Melee: 2
Defence: 2 Missile: 3
Morale: B O

1 Hit: Melee 1, Missile 2

Nehalim scouts are not mounted, and are equipped similar to Anuirean

5: Nobles (Chariots - Spears)

Move: 3 Melee: 5
Defence: 2 Charge: 6
Morale: X O B Missile: 3

1 Hit: Melee 4, Charge 5, Missile 2
2 Hits: Melee 3, Charge 4, Missile 1
3 Hits: Melee 2, Charge 3, Missile 0

As only members of the nobility in Nehalim are permitted to own chariots,
then these units are generally made up of the sons of the nobles.
Unarmoured, and armed with several large, barbed spears they can be quite
dangerous. Each noble unit is made up of between 40 and 50 chariots, with
two horses pulling each chariot.

6: Nobles (Chariots - Archers)

Move: 3 Melee: 3
Defence: 2 Missile: 6
Morale: X B O

1 Hit: Melee 2, Missile 5
2 Hits: Melee 1, Missile 4

This is another noble unit, of similar size to the previous one. Equipped
with a large long bow and a sword they can be very dangerous when using
missile attacks. When in close combat though they are only equal to a unit
of swords.

7: Elephants

Move: 1 Melee: 4
Defence: 6 Missile: 5
Morale: X O

1 Hit: Melee 2, Missile 5
2 Hits: Melee 1, Missile 4
3 Hits: Melee 0, Missile 3

Elephants are common in Nehalim and the army makes good use of them.
Standard Elephants have a small platform sitting on their backs which hold
4 archers in each. A unit is made up of thirty Elephants equipped this way.
The mounts themselves have no attack values, but do provide protection for
their riders. An Elephant unit can continue to attack with missiles, even
if it is engaged in melee combat.

8: War Elephants

Move: 2 Melee: 6
Defence: 7 Charge: 8
Morale: X B O Missile: 3

1 Hit: Melee 5, Charge 7, Missile 2
2 Hits: Melee 4, Charge 6, Missile 1
3 Hits: Melee 3, Charge 5, Missile 0

War Elephants have been specially trained to attack enemy soldiers. They
attack with their tusks and attempt to trample the enemy. Elephants can
also be sent into a devastating charge, one which few enemies escape from.
Each of the 30 Elephants in this unit are equipped with armour and are very
hard to kill. In the platform on their backs are two handlers and two
archers in each. The handlers control the Elephants, while the archers
attempt to pick off any enemies who survive.

D: Juh & Barbarian Units.

Unit Name: Costs: Maintenance:
Clubs 1 1
Axes 2 1
Nomad Camel Riders 6 1
Nomad Horsemen 4 1
Juh Archers 3 1
Juh Spearmen 4 1
Juh Nobles 6 2
Elephant Riders* 12 2
Skissshar Warriors 5 1

* use Elephant stats from above.

1: Clubs

Move: 2 Melee: 2
Defence: 2
Morale: O

The weakest of the Barbarian units, this unit is equipped only with thick
furs and spiked clubs.

2: Axes

Move: 2 Melee: 3
Defence: 2
Morale: X

Similar to the clubmen this unit is instead equipped with metal or stone

3: Nomad Camel Riders

Move: 3 Melee: 4
Defence: 3 Charge: 6
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Melee 3, Charge 5
2 Hits: Melee 2, Charge 4

Found mainly in the deserts of Aduria the Camel Riders are the elite
Barbarian unit. Each is equipped with a fast raiding camel, a sabre, and a
lance. The Nomads of the great desert have kept both the Nehalim and
Adurian empires at bay for many years, and gain a +1 bonus when fighting
soldiers from these empires.

4: Nomad Horsemen

Move: 3 Melee: 4
Defence: 3
Morale: X B O

1 Hit: Melee 3
2 Hits: Melee 2
3 Hits: Melee 1

The Horsemen are the common unit in the deserts and badlands. They are
cheap to muster, and great fighters. They also gain the same bonus as the
Camel Riders vs Nehalim and Adurian empires. Each Horseman is equipped with
a sabre, but is usually unarmoured. Their high defence is due to their
speed and skill in fighting.

5: Juh Archers

Move: 2 Melee: 1
Defence: 2 Missile: 4
Morale: X

Juh archers are the weakest of that lands units. As the Juh do not maintain
a army normally then their troops are not as skilled as other lands. Each
archer unit is equipped with a dagger, leather armour, and a short bow.

6: Juh Spearmen

Move: 1 Melee: 3
Defence: 3
Morale: B O

1 Hit: Melee 2

The most common Juh unit the Spearmen are experts with their weapon and can
prove quite dangerous. Each soldier is equipped with a heavy spear, and
banded armour. Spearmen like most of the Juh units are common in the
southern provinces, as much of the north is occupied by Aduria.

7: Juh Nobles

Move: 2 Melee: 6
Defence: 4 Missile 3
Morale: X B O

1 Hit: Melee 5, Missile 2
2 Hits: Melee 4, Missile 1

This unit is made up of the chiefs and nobility of the Juh society. Great
fighters and warriors they are dangerous opponents. Each unit is made up of
about 25 nobles, each equipped with plate armour, and a variety of weapons,
including long swords, axes, and tridents.

8: Skissshar Warriors

Move: 2 Melee: 5
Defence: 3
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Melee 4
2 Hits: Melee 3
3 Hits: Melee 2

The Skissshar are amoung the most powerful warriors in Aduria. Grouped in
units of fifty warriors and equiped with large scimitars, although
unarmoured, they can be quite dangerous. Fortunatly for the rest of Aduria
the Skissshar are lacking resources and the cost to muster a unit of
warriors is quite high as they must import iron from outside their empire
to make the weapons.

E: Ships.

Unit Name: Cost: Avail MC Hull Seawor
Fishing Boat 1 GB All A 1 9
Scout Ship 2 GB All A 1 13
Bir-Warqu Raider 5 GB Bir-Warqu A 2 14
War Galley 10 GB All B 2 11
Light Transport 6 GB All C 1 12
Heavy Transport 12 GB All C 2 14
Adurian Trireme 20 GB Aduria B 4 15
Adurian Galley 12 GB Aduria B 3 14
Harman Catamaran 3 GB Harma A 1 19
Harman Trimaran 5 GB Harma A 2 19
Harman Flyer 10 GB Harma A 3 19
Harman Airship 30 GB Harma C 5 -
Subriyan Cutter 15 GB Subriya B 4 17
Subriyan Clipper 22 GB Subriya B 5 18
Subriyan Conquistador 28 GB Subriya C 6 19

1: Fishing Boat

Defence: 1 Missile: 0
Boarding: 0 MC: A
Morale: X

The smallest of the ocean going vessels, fishing boats can be found in the
coastal fishing waters across Aduria. They are usually one masted wooden
vessels with a single square sail. A Fishing Boat is generally not large
enough to carry cargo or troops, though it may be used to transport a small
party or a chest of gold.

2: Scout Ship

Defence: 2 Missile: 1
Boarding: 1 MC: A
Morale: B

A small trading or scout vessel that is common throughout Aduria. Scouts
are used mainly as messengers or to spy on enemy ports, or fleets. They are
an extremely fast vessel and can usually outmanoeuvre most other vessels.
If an enemy vessel does catch up with the scout though it will be little
match for the larger warships.
A Scout ship is too small to carry a large amount of cargo, or troops, but
it is possible to cargo up to 1 GB of cargo if needed. Doing this though
reduces the ships MC to B, and seaworthiness to 10.

3: Bir-Warqu Raider

Defence: 2 Missile: 2
Boarding: 3 MC: A
Morale: B O

1 Hit: Missile 0, MC B

These ships are modified scout vessels used by the kingdom of Bir-Warqu. A
second mast has been added to the front of the vessel and it's hull size
has been increased noticeably. The addition of a small catapult has
increased its attack values, and made it a viable raider. It is slower than
the scout, but still faster than the heavy war galleys. It has a cargo
capacity of 2 GB, and can also carry one unit of raiders or pirates.

4: War Galley

Defence: 3 Missile: 3
Boarding: 3 MC: B
Morale: X B O Rowing: 2

1 Hit: Missile 2, MC C, Rowing 1

The most common war ship in all the Adurian lands. It is cheap and fairly
powerful, and used by most nations as their warship of choice. This ship is
moved mainly by rowing, with a large square sail reserved for night, and
during the slaves rest break. It usually has fifty oars to each side, each
with 2 slave rowers, although in some nations slaves are forbidden so paid
sailors will take their place.
A War Galley is made for one thing, fighting other vessels. Because of this
all of the space on the ship is taken up by rowers, and weapons. There is
little cargo space, or room for troops. A War Galley can carry only 1 GB of
cargo or 1 unit of troops.

5: Light Transport

Defence: 3 Missile: 1
Boarding: 1 MC: C
Morale: X

A common merchant vessel in Aduria, especially in the south. This large
vessel is slow, has little in the way of defences against pirates, but can
carry large numbers of troops or cargo. The Light Transport has a single
mast, with a large square sail that pushes the vessel slowly along the
coastline. It can have a cargo of 4 GB, or carry two units of troops.

6: Heavy Transport

Defence: 4 Missile: 2
Boarding: 2 MC: C
Morale: X O

1 Hit: Missile 1, MC D

A larger version of the light transport. It also only has a single mast,
with the single large sail. A Heavy Transport is very slow, and also has
little in the way of defence against pirates. It can however carry vast
amounts of cargo and troops compared to other vessels. A Heavy Transport
can have 8 GB of cargo, or 4 units of troops. Most large guilds and nations
use these ships for transporting their goods and soldiers.

7: Adurian Trireme

Defence: 4 Missile: 5
Boarding: 4 MC: B
Morale: X O B Rowing: 3

1 Hit: Missile 4, MC C, Rowing 2
2 Hits: Missile 3, MC D, Rowing 1
3 Hits: Missile 2, MC D, Rowing 0

The most powerful vessel in the Adurian fleet is the Trireme. With one
hundred oars on each side of the vessel, each with three rowers it can move
at a fair speed and is often faster than most sailing vessels. It is armed
with four heavy catapults, two at either end of the vessel and is also
equipped with a heavy ram that sits just below the waterline. Common
tactics with Trireme captains is to ram a vessel then send troops onto the
enemy ship to capture it. Trireme's are also used quite often to bombard
enemy ports with catapult stones before an invasion. These vessel are only
found in the Aduria Empire and have become over the years the main vessel
of the Adurian Navy. Rumours currently speak of a new version of the
Trireme, which will be twice the size and have triple the number of rowers
and weapons. A Trireme can carry a cargo of up to 3 GB, and has space for 2
units of troops if its hold is empty.

8: Adurian Galley

Defence: 3 Missile: 3
Boarding: 3 MC: B
Morale: X O B Rowing: 2

1 Hit: Missile 2, MC C, Rowing 1
2 Hits: Missile 1, MC D, Rowing 0

A smaller version of the Adurian Trireme the Galley is a common navel
vessel in the Adurian empire. Other nation however do not use it,
preferring the smaller War Galley. This vessel is most often used as a
troop transport or a light warship. With the Trireme's as the Empire's main
warship this vessel is becoming less and less common, and is now mainly
found only in the northern reaches of Aduria.
This ship has only the two catapults, but has a ram similar to the Trireme.
With fifty oars to a side and two rowers to each oar there is more space
for cargo or troops. The Adurian Galley can carry 4 GB or cargo, or 3 units
of troops.

9: Harman Catamaran

Defence: 2 Missile: 0
Boarding: 1 MC: A
Morale: X O B

The smallest of the Harma ships, the Catamaran is a fast, twin-hulled
vessel that is used by the Harman's as a messenger or scout. Because of its
construction it gains a +2 bonus to speed when sailing with, or across the
wind, and a +1 bonus when tacking into the breeze. Like all of the Harman
vessels it is almost unsinkable, and very safe to travel in. As it is so
small the Catamaran can not carry troops, although it can take 1 GB worth
of cargo if necessary. These ships need only two sailors to work them, and
generally carry very few crew. The Catamaran carry little in the way of
offensive weapons as it prefers to avoid trouble, occasionally however they
may be equipped with a light ballista or heavy crossbow mounted on each
hull. If this is done the missile rating rises to 1, and manoeuvrability
class drops to B.

10: Harman Trimaran

Defence: 3 Missile 2
Boarding: 2 MC: A
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Missile 1, MC B

The Trimaran is the most common vessel in the Harman fleet. It operates as
a transport or light warship. It is comprised of three hull, the central
one being the largest with a smaller hull on either side. Large wooden
struts join each of the hulls together and the space in between is covered
with netting. Like the Catamaran this vessel only has the one mast, which
usually support two sails. Like the catamaran this vessel is very fast and
gains similar speed bonus.
When used as a warship the vessel the ship is fitted with a ballista
mounted on the central hull. This weapon has a firing arc that covers most
of the ship as the decks are generally empty of obstructions. The hulls are
hollow and each has quite a bit of empty space inside for crew or cargo. A
Trimaran can cargo 2 GB worth of cargo, or 1 unit of troops. With troops on
board there is little room for anything else though. The Trimaran is mostly
used to transport small amounts of cargo quickly to other lands, and Harman
merchants can use it to carry perishables like fruits to the market in
Nehalim and still gain a good price.

11: Harman Flyer

Defence: 4 Missile: 2
Boarding: 3 MC: A
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Missile 1, MC B
2 Hits: Missile 0, MC C

Until recently this ship was the pride of the Harman fleet. It is
triple-hulled like the Trimaran, but much larger. Unlike the smaller
Trimaran it has two masts, each holding large triangular sails. A much
larger vessel it does not gain the movement bonuses like the smaller
vessels, but it still fast and manoeuvrable when compared to most ships.
Used mainly as a large transport ship now it carries only two ballistas.
Before the Airship took over as the main warship of the fleet it was armed
with several more and higher missile rating. A Flyer can carry 5 GB worth
of cargo in its large hulls, or carry 2 units of troops.

12: Harman Airship

Defence: 5 Missile: 7
Boarding: 6 MC: C
Morale: X O

1 Hit: Missile 6
2 Hits: Missile 5
3 Hits: Missile 4
4 Hits: Missile 3

The latest addition to the Harman fleet the Airship is a flying fortress
that is used to crush anyone who dares to threaten the small nation. The
Airship is supported above the ground by a large balloon positioned above
it. The balloon is magically enchanted so that it can not be damaged by
missiles, although it is still vulnerable to magical missiles, enchanted
arrows and the like. The actual ship is quite heavy and covered with a
large number of weapons used to attack anything below it. It can also be
used to carry loads of stone around and dump them on an enemy
fortification. Because of its size it is difficult to manoeuvre and is
generally carried along with the wind. Two giant sails on either side of
the hull can be used though to move the Airship around, and even against
the wind if needed. Each Airship also carries a mage or priest who can cast
control weather to help move the vessel around the sky. It usually does not
go very high above the ground though, as its great weight tends to hold it
back a lot. It must also drop within weapons range to attack other vessels
as well, if it wants to have any chance of hitting anything.
The pride of the fleet the Airship has replaced the Flyer as the warship of
the Harman fleet. These vessels are expensive to maintain though,
especially paying for repairs, and spells needed to keep it running. An
Airship has a maintenance cost of 3 GB each domain turn. As a result of
this only three of these vessels have been made so far.
An Airship can carry 10 GB of cargo, or 5 units of troops. It can not carry
both at the same time though.

13: Subriyan Cutter

Defence: 4 Missile: 2
Boarding: 5 MC: B
Morale: X B O

1 Hit: Missile 1, MC B
2 Hits: Missile 0, MC C
3 Hits: Missile 0, MC D

A large three masted ship similar to an Anuirean Galleon. It is more
seaworthy that a galleon though, with the benefit of Subriya shipbuilding
skills. The Subriya vessel generally carries no large weapons, but most
sailors are skilled with a bow, so the ship still has a reasonable missile
rating. The Cutter is mainly used by the Subriyans as a large trading ship,
and it carries their goods across the seas to far off lands. A Cutter can
carry 6 GB of cargo and 3 units of soldiers.
An older vessel than the other Subriyan vessel, currently only seven
Cutters remain in service, although they are common with merchants as they
are must cheaper than the other Subriyan vessels.

14: Subriyan Clipper

Defence: 3 Missile: 3
Boarding: 7 MC: B
Morale: X O B

1 Hit: Missile 2, MC B
2 Hits: Missile 1, MC B
3 Hits: Missile 0, MC C
4 Hits: Missile 0, MC D

A large fast ship, the Clipper is the most common of the Subriyan vessel.
Subriya currently supports a fleet of twelve of these vessels. Subriya is
currently replacing its older Cutters with these newer vessels. A Clipper
has four masts, laden with a vast amount of sails. This mass of sail area
makes the Clipper faster than most other vessels, and it gains a +1 bonus
to speed (to movement allowance). This applies at all times, so even into
strong winds the Clipper can make ground, although only slowly.
All this speed and manoeuvrability comes at a cost however. A Clipper can
only carry 4 GB of cargo, and 2 units of troops, a small amount for a
vessel of its size. Because it can hold less supplies than a Cutter it is
mainly used as a warship and can be found patrolling the Subriyan waters.
The Clipper, when used as a warship, usually carries one or two units of
Subriyan Marines (same values as Brecht marines).

15: Subriyan Conquistador

Defence: 6 Missile: 5
Boarding: 9 MC: C
Morale: X B O

1 Hit: Missile 4, MC C
2 Hits: Missile 3, MC C
3 Hits: Missile 2, MC C
4 Hits: Missile 1, MC C
5 Hits: Missile 0, MC D

The latest Subriyan vessel is the Conquistador, created especially as a
deep water vessel. This massive five masted vessel is designed to transport
large amounts of cargo and troops over large areas. The largest vessel in
existence currently the Conquistador is a massive floating fortress,
capable of defending against almost any attacking vessel. Only one of these
vessels exists at the moment, and it is still being tested in the waters
off Subriyan, escorted by 5 Clipper vessels.
A Conquistador is designed to hold 12 GB in cargo, and transport 6 units of
troops. When completed this vessel will be the flagship of the Subriyan
fleet, replacing the Clipper which currently serves in that position.

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