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Thread: Rules Changes

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    David Sean Brown

    Rules changes

    I never allow the regent to use the holding/proving he/she is trying to
    raise as a benefit..if, for example, they are raising a holding in a
    province they control, I do allow them to use the province level..this
    seems to make have more influence i a province you haev full
    control of.


    > >
    > > As for the following suggestion, I believe it is already in effect. when
    > > trying to rule up a province or holding, you add the attempted level to
    > > the bas difficulty (10+) before applying any modifiers. So going from a
    > > level 4 to a level 5 holding or province has a base successof 15+
    > >
    > > Sean
    > I like this suggestion, it makes a whole lot of sense actually.
    > Although, in reality, it won't make the rule action harder, just more
    > costly. Most Regents will throw more Regency at it to make it more
    > likely to succeed, but in any event, I like your method. Your method
    > gains more if one cannot use their present Province Level to modify the
    > result as well.
    > Tripp
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    Rules changes

    > > Yes I second that request. That is a big time consuming problem. We
    > > ended up just letting our players choose powers because of the time
    > > involved. I would really like to make them roll for the powers though.
    > >
    > > Adam
    > I got fed up with it too, and I came up with a set of tables for each
    > derivation that keeps (pretty well) the same probability of getting
    > each power as the original tables. I've not done the same for
    > minor/major/great abilities, but it is quicker. I can post them to
    > the list if you like (and you'll have to give me a few days - it'll
    > take me that long to get my hands on them).

    I agree! What would be cool is a compilation of ALL the blood abilities
    (from blood enemies, rulebook, and other sources such as Dragon Mag.) put
    into groups of their derivations and levels (minor, major, etc).

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    Adam Theo

    Rules changes

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    hello, Adam Theo here,
    i love that idea (time over RP). a few personal changes:
    a regent is then allowed to make up to 2 rule actions per turn for
    provinces instead of only one/turn in the rulebook. so to go from a
    level 7 to 8 province, you need to do 8 rule actions and can do 2 a turn
    if you can spare to do so. this is based on my belief that a
    high-leveled province should be a great achievement for a kingdom.
    Avanil, Boeruine, Ilien, and i think Ghoere and a couple of others have
    a province at 7 or above. there shouldn't be a success modifier, except
    a bonus of say +3 if province's loyalty is high, 0 if average, -3 for
    poor, and -6 for rebellious. the regent is allowed to spend any number
    of rp on the action as with other actions.
    it should be different for non-landed holdings, though. normal for
    them. i don't see a problem with it, since non-provincal domains must
    usually contest or diplomize alot to get anywhere. wrote:
    > BI>As for the following suggestion, I believe it is already in effect. when
    > BI>trying to rule up a province or holding, you add the attempted level to
    > BI>the bas difficulty (10+) before applying any modifiers. So going from a
    > BI>level 4 to a level 5 holding or province has a base successof 15+
    > BI>> 6. I think that ruling domain levels up should get increasingly
    > BI>> difficult. The people have to come from somewhere, you can't just
    > BI>> order them to have more children :). I didn't find a solution yet,
    > BI>> but I discourage my players from excessive use of that action,
    > BI>> especially when they rule elven domains.
    > A +1 difficulty per level is too easy to overcome. raising from 2 to 3
    > should be much easier to do than 3 to 4. As a GM I made a rule that it
    > took a number of actions equal to the desired province level. This
    > means it takes 2 successful rule actions to go from level 1 to 2, 3
    > actions to go from 2 to 3 and so on. This seemed more realistic to me,
    > since larger domains took much longer to grow. It also discouraged
    > ruling up domains too much. Regents had to put a lot more effort into
    > ruling up provinces that were already heavily populated.
    > Robert Thomson
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    Rules changes

    Tim Nutting wrote:
    > When you get domains that are larger than, say, 10 holdings, the time it
    > takes to just run taxes increases exponentially. Perhaps there could be a
    > way to simplify it to just a couple of rolls...

    You may wish to try working out the average collection each turn and
    then just doing that instead. It makes it a lot easier, but you do not
    have the benifits of any good rolls you make.

    > ???? Elves don't believe in gods, how can they invest/divest? Its a
    > priestly spell.

    Several people have already created some rules for this. Check them out
    on my page

    > BIG can of worms that I opened when I subscribed to the list, got no real
    > resolution. Can mages tap the magic of the seas? We've tried a few
    > methods, and treat coastal areas as level 4 max, shelfs as level 9 max, and
    > ocean floor as 2 max (not enough life energy). We also requrie the wizard
    > to commune with his source (!) hard to do underwater unless you have
    > Masella's Resistance and find yourself in the lucky 50% who can breath
    > water.

    I believe that somewhere in the rules it states that coastal provinces
    gains a bonus to their source rating. Which is why there are a lot of
    provinces along the coast with a source potential of 0/7. I personally
    do not allow source holdings underwater.

    > More on their size and how it relates to a level. I've seen published
    > level 4s that are tougher than published level 6s.


    > Stat Mods and Racial abilities (specific to BR) would be great. So far
    > I've used the Player's Option stuff, and it works pretty good.

    Once again there have been rules placed on my site for this. I found
    both useful, so you may wish to have a look at them and see if they are
    what you are looking for.

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    Ian Hoskins

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    and to the Darkness we will return.

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    Colleen Simpson

    Rules Changes

    1. Trade Routes: (pages 59-60): Allowing trade between provinces
    of the same terrain type could be logical if those provinces produce
    different products. To maintain simplicity a percentile dice could be
    used to determine the possibility of different products being produced.
    Failure means the guilder is competing against a local producer and
    gains less profit than had he gone to a different terrain type of provin=
    without a competing market. Of course, this roll could be secret with =
    guilder only finding out about the competition after the trade route is =

    established and then having to decide what he is going to do about it. =

    eg Stjordvik An Ustkjuvil guilder trades sea produce with wheat, barley
    and pig farmers in Arvaald or A Hjorval guilder trades ponies and cattle
    for coal from Udvika.

    2. Muster Armies: (page 58): rules regarding militia units that train =
    maintain their usual jobs when there is no war on. They're not disbanded
    and still maintain the level of prosperity of the province but they are =
    on call
    for time of war. How does this reflect on their war card values (perhaps
    irregulars or regular instead of levy?) Of course, in a time of war, the=
    would lower the province rating.

    3. Espionage: (page 54): perhaps rules relating to the establishment =

    of a permanent spy network with establishment and maintenance costs
    and risks of running a permanent network. DMs secretly roll for network
    discovery, infiltration and collapse as well as its performance during =
    domain turn (2-3 rolls on tables?)

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