Ed Stark wrote:

> Folks,
> I have a request. If anyone has any rules from the BR basic set they'd like
> clarified, please post them to this list by replying to this subject. As
> you know, I'm working on a revised edition of BR, and I'd like to make an
> effort to clarify the rules as best I can.

Well, i have one rule that needs clarifications: the mustering armies

1) It is said that the province ruler can bar any holding regent from raising
armies in his province if he wishes. How can he do that? by passing a law?
Using armies?

2) It is said: "A new unit must be trained and oufitted, and cannot be used in
the same action round as it is created. So, here's my question: does the unit
have a physical presence in this round (e.g. can it be attacked by another

On this one, i would have to say yes because the soldiers exist and a training
somewhere in the province. So, basicly, someone could destroy them before they
have finished training.

I hope you can answer that one.