Scott reminded me of another request I had for the group. Any conventions
out there that might be interested in BIRTHRIGHT support? Let me know. I
like going to cons, and I like supplying adventures and promotional
material for BR when I can't. I do need some advance notice, however, for
either to occur.

For me to go to a convention, I either have to be able to justify the cost
of my flying or driving out to my bosses (as well as take the time off from
work), so it would have to be a pretty big convention (1000 people+ is an
estimate, or an extraordinary interest in BR), or I'd have to be a guest of
the con (the con pays for either my transportation or lodging or both).

BR support's easier. If I have notice (a month or so), I can arrange to
send out product, promotional materials, and/or events or playtest
material. I can even contact the RPGA and see if they have people in the
area willing to run BR events.

Let me know.

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Ed Stark
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