In my Birthright game, the regent PC is your typical gun-ho type "a"
personality. He is currently working on a campaign to overthrow a
neighboring realm and place his own "people" in the positions of
authority. He feels that he has "just" cause since the former ruler of
the realm, a good friend and confidant, was kidnapped and held for
ransom. He was able to free his friend and wants to put her back on the

In a recent e-mail he asked me the following question: "I need to know
what happens if I wipe out all the guilds in the neighboring realm when
my forces invade or if I should just knock them out of the provinces? I
don't see any rules governing this type of action. We might tick-off
some people but could immediately establsh our own guilds. I don't see
it as a long-term problem. I am not saying that I am going to do this
but I do want to look at all my alternatives."

There are currently four guilds working in the neighboring realm, and
one of those guilds (that he really hates) has businesses in the PC
regent's realm .

I have cautioned him as to the financial effect it would have on the
local economy of the neighboring realm to destroy the guilds (putting
people out of work and destroying the economy). He is a fighter-regent
who has a great dislike for the power of guilds and guilder-regents.

I'd like to know if anyone else would like to either clarify the rules
for this type of action or have any suggestions as to the consequences
that would accompany such a harsh decision.