Brithright as Funny Fantasy? Go figure. I also have Monty Python and th=
e Holy
Grail. Here are my thoughts on it and how it can be used for BR.

1. It's stupid and it goes against the Laws of Human Anatomy (the Black K=
still alive after having all four limbs cut off? COME ON!).
2. It's better than Prince Valiant
3. It's better than Excalibre
4. It's better than the Sword in the Stone.
5. It can't compare to Knights of the Round Table.
6. It needs a bloody ending (not LITERALLY!).
7. I've seen swashbuckler films that are more sincere (Robin Hood: Men i=
Tights! for one).
8. I don't recommend using the entire script for playing in a BR campaig=
however, the Black Knight episode is good since your dealing with a heroi=
game. For a more Austere game like Rolemaster, I'd trash it.

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal GM."

John wrote:

> > Ah yes!! You are forgetting the most brilliant one of them all, Month=
> > Python's 'Quest for the Holy Grail'. The Knights who say NI! Does not
> > butcher the Arthurian legend one bit.... eh... maybe a little bit....
> Of course! I'd forgotten that one too, and I've got the damn thing on
> video.
> "She turned me into a newt!..... I got better..."
> "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"
> "'Allo Arthur King who is afraid of a duck you know"
> "I'm getting better"
> Damn fine film. Best of the lot. And we get to use all the lines from
> it in my local LRP game. Damn good stuff. The computer game's a laugh
> too.
> John The Shrubber.
> "Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then
> the wolves came. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a
> different universe."
> "And now you kill the lambs," whispered Dardalion.
> "No, priest. No one pays for lambs."
> - David Gemmel, Waylander
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