Try to make your armies resolute, dedicated, and blah blah to your cause.=
This means
you have to train them all as elite troops. With extra training, you can=
greenies into veterans and veterans into elite. They have to be loyal to=
the idea,
not you, though. With that in mind, they can become just as effective as=
Soldiers in keeping order. Just remember that your empire will disolve s=
ometime after
you are gone.

Think about this. Not only that, but there are other factors (managing g=
holdings, source holdings, and temple holdings). Then their are building=
projects to
engineer, politics to maintain, and various other headache causing factor=
Fortunately, your DM will be the one who is in control of the day - to - =
operations of your empire with you having a say (that is how Regency work=
s in my
mind). Also, if your character is bent on adventuring and personally tak=
ing care of
trouble spots, you can set up a small skeleton of government. And a note=
, Lawful Evil
and Lawful Neutral thieves are sometimes the best to trust in running thi=
s government;
especially if they see you as a friend and ally.

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal GM."