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Thread: Khinasi PBeM

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    Khinasi PBeM

    I would like to let all know that I am the DM for the Khinasi Realm in
    on-line's biggest PBeM and will be taking applications from people starting
    as soon as. If you have the Cities of the Sun set, then you can look through
    it and pick your realm. I have a temporary web page that is not finished but shall be done by
    Monday. All realms in the Cities of the Sun campaign set that belong to PC's
    is playable and also some of the holdings in other realms. If you have any
    questions or want to send an early applicant for a realm, send them to me!

    Most PC's will start the game around level 8 or lower if multi-classed. If
    you wish to keep the current regent of the realm that you wish to control,
    then you may play that regent as he/ she stands. That is you can play him as
    the level that he is(i.e. if the current regent is level 13, then you can
    keep him and play as him at that level). But, if you wish to add your own
    flavor, most PC characters will start around 8th level.


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    Khinasi PBeM

    hi i wish to play your game i will play any land all i care that im landed
    not unlanded
    i wish to play a paladin of avani. what are your rules for character
    by the way i couldnt access your web site

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