This was interesting to read that even with a substantial backing for
a sizable realm, even when surrounded on all sides, even when
diminished, hammered on, and buffetted by a host of tragedies (the
=46ourth Crusade being especially vile), Constanople maintained enough
power to resist cannon for a long time. (My only handy reference
states the Ottoman turks took Adrianople in 1361, but the Queen of
Cities held out almost another whole century. Lots of heroism in
Byzantine history. Lots of villainy too .... Lots of sheer history.
I live in a state where the majority of the building are scarcely
older than I am, and ancient history is a couple centuries ago).

Do you have any recommendations for books that are accesible and
readable about this history?

> Avtokrator Kai Basilius Rhomaion