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>Quite a few replies, so here's the whole story as far as I recall.
>There was a great banquett in Camelot, and most of the knights were
>present. Suddenly, the doors burst open a a warrior rode in on his
>horse. He claimed to be the Green Knight and challenged the knights
>to a game. One of them should behead him, and he would return the
>blow a year later. When noone replied, he insulted the king and his
>knights as cowards. Finally, Sir Gawain rose and agreed to the game.
>He took the Green Knights axe, and beheaded him. The head came clear
>off, but its owner calmly picked it up and put it back into place.
>(that's the part quite a few people put on the list)
>Then he bade Gawain farewell until next year and rode away. Exactly a
>year later, Sir Gawain set out in search for the Green Knight,
>because he was honourbound to be beheaded. Or so he thought, and he
>had come to accept his fate. But when the Green Knight returned the
>blow, the axe passed right through Gawain's neck without hurting him.
>This could work well if an unknown knight publicly insults a regent
>and challenges him. It could provoke quite a bit of roleplaying. The
>regent should be really freaked, and you should keep the tension
>high. ("It might be a glancing blow. If you flinch, you might avoid
>it. No way you can put your head back in place as he did.").
>Ultimately, it is a test of courage and honor, but the players won't
>know that (hopefully they don't know the legend).

In the film "Sword of the Valiant", the Green Knight gave Gawain a chance
to avoid this fate, by solving a riddle. If by the next year Gawain could
solve it, he could keep his head. I don't remember the riddle from the
film, but it would probably be better to come up with your own. In case
your Players saw the movie. This would work better IMC because my Players
know the Arthurian legends inside and out. But they won't know the answer
to "my" riddle.

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