One way to do this would be to create solo adventures that tie together. =
That way the players run into each other while each pursuing their =
individual goals. Plus in order to accomplish these goals they just =
happen to need the help of the other player characters. Once they've =
worked together once it gets easier to keep working together.

For example, the thief gets hired to steal something. Meanwhile the =
magic user has found some little tid bit of magic and learns that =
someone else wants it (i.e. the person who hired the thief). So the =
mage goes out and hires a fighter figuring a body guard would be a good =
thing. The thief gets caught, but the fighter needs a thief because he =
knows where some good treasure is but can't get it. A magic user would =
be helpful too, so the three of them go after the treasure. Of course =
the party that hired the thief in the first place is right on their =

Okay so I didn't work a priest into it, but you get the idea. Give them =
individual goals, but make them ones where they need help to accomplish =

Matt Speer

I am trying to come up with a new way to get the pc's introduced. I =
want to tell them that they know each other,have them go for the same
job,have them escape from slave pens etc. Does anyone have any newish or
novel ways of starting a d&d campaign?