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Here is the latest realm from my Adurian expansion thingy. I will post
one more tonight as well, and may even create some new maps for my
webpage if I get the time.

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Ian Hoskins

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>From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.
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The Magiocracy of Kiskum

Alignment: Neutral
Status: Recommended

Province Law Temples Guilds Source
Poronaysk (0/5) CoM (0) KTV (0) - -
Ravriina (1/4) CoM (1) KTV (1) - -
Shmidta (5/2) CoM (5) KTV (5) UTC (1)* PK (1)
Zoysko (2/3) CoM (2) KTV (2) - -
Marakrov (2/3) CoM (2) KTV (2) - -
Chuken (3/4) CoM (3) KTV (3) - -

* Fortified holding

Abbreviations: CoM = Council of Magicians (Vladimir Lenski); KTV = Kiskum
Temple of Vorynn (Terri the white); UTC = Udine Trading Consortium (Clavius
Grapintus); PK = Petra Koszalinski.

Province/Holdings: Kiskum is another of the older realms of the north. For
the past seven hundred years it has been ruled by the council of magicians.

* Law: The Council of magicians maintains a strong hold over the law of
Kiskum, no other law holders are permitted.
* Temples: The Kiskum temple of Vorynn is the only permitted temple in
the realm.
* Guilds: The Udine trading consortium maintains a small outpost in an
old fort outside the capital.
* Sources: Petra Koszalinski controls one small source in Shmidta.

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 3/6

Treasury: Most of the people of Kiskum no longer have any need for money,
or are slaves. The treasury still holds vast sums of money though,
currently 124 GBs.

Army: Kiskum supports no army or navy at the moment, and does not need to.

Regent: Vladimir Lenski (MVo; M35; Unblooded; Age 104) is the current head
of the council of magicians the realms ruling body. This old man has ruled
Kiskum for nearly thirty years and over that time has become one of the
most powerful magicians in all of Aduria. He has developed many new spells
that have allowed his fellow magicians to remain in control of Kiskum and
to also control the humanoid slaves that work the fields of Kiskum,
supplying for to it people.

Lieutenants: Irogor Kortov (MVo; M11; Unblooded; Age 76) is assistant to
Vladimir Lenski. He is in charge of making sure that the humans of Kiskum
are fed, while the slaves continue to work in the fields. He is good at his
job and no human has ever gone hungry while the slave farms have been under
his control.
Chessa (FVo; M15; Unblooded; Age 35) maintains the artifact which cloaks
the realm in illusions. It is her task to make sure that not one speck of
dust touches the surface of the magical device, and disrupts the magic.
Although she does a good job she is bored with her work and seeks
adventure. She can often be found in Kiskum city, losing herself in the
illusionary lifestyle of Kiskum's people.

Important NPCs: Terri the White (FVo; Unblooded; Age 24) is the head of the
temple of Vorynn. She assist the council of magicians with their work, but
is concerned that the people of Kiskum may be suffering under the rule of
the magician. As a priest of Vorynn she can see through the illusions and
see the poor condition the people live in. She want to do something about
it, but is unable to convince anyone that what they see is actually an

Description/History: Kiskum was once in the heartland of territory
controlled by the Vos tribe. The master illusionist and diviners lived in
peace, until the Adurians decided to make their lands part of the empire.
Most, but not all of the Vos fled north into Cerilia. Those who stayed
became part of the empire, and made to follow the empires ways. Following
the Skissshar invasion though they found themselves once again free of the
Adurians influence and form the realm of Kiskum, named after a powerful
magician who lived at the time.
The council of magicians was formed at that time to aid and advise the king
of Kiskum. Over time though the council gain more and more power until they
controlled the kingdom instead of the king. Soon after that the king was
disposed, the kingdom abolished and the magicians now ruled openly. Up
until a hundred and fifty year ago life was much the same as it was under
the kings of Kiskum, then something happened that changed the realm
The Council of Magicians had been researching a way to improve law and
order when they accidentally created the device. What it looks like is not
known as only the highest ranking Magicians are ever allowed to see it. Its
effects however can be felt across Kiskum. The device allowed any
illusionary spell cast into it to effect an area a large as a city. Using
permanent illusions and other powerful spells the magicians altered the
cities of Kiskum and Ugulan into beautiful cities with buildings made from
gold and ivory. The people in the cities found their live altered as well.
With everything created for them by the illusionary magic of the magicians
they did not need to work and spent much of their time enjoying themselves.
The farmers and others in the smaller towns and villages soon left their
fields and headed to the cities.
This however left the people without any food source, but not for long. The
magicians sent expeditions into the Adurian Wastes to the west and using
illusionary monsters and the like captured a large number of Humanoids and
Juh Nomads as slaves. These slaves now work the fields of Kiskum while the
Humans live only in the two cities. Although the do not work the fields as
well as the farmers of Kiskum once did they can still supply enough food to
support the cities populations.
The Magicians of Kiskum are pleased with their new realm and make sure that
nothing threatens the paradise they have created for the people. Should
anyone grow bored with the lifestyle in the city or begin to wonder if it
is all real or not they are removed from the city and taught magic or
become priests. The priest and the magicians are the only ones who can
disbelieve the illusions at will and to all others they appear real. Anyone
travelling to the cities would find themselves part of the illusion and
after a few days would not want to leave. Everything they ever wanted is
provided and they will live in luxury that they have never dream of. It is
all an illusion of course and in reality the cities are slowly crumbling
away as no one is left to maintain them.

Provinces: Kiskum lies between the Republic of Lindos and the Protectorate
of Solontara. It has a low population compared to its neighbours and
receives few visitors.

* Poronaysk (0/5) is in the north-western corner of Kiskum. A barren
desert province it has been left to the desert nomads and Humanoids of
the Adurian Wastes, who occasionally raid the province.

* (Ravriina (1/4) sits on the northern border. Several large slave farms
are based in the province, mainly supplying food to the city of Kiskum
which lies in the mountains to the east. The east of the province is
very hilly with the large rising the further you travel east.

* Shmidta (5/2) is a mountainous province on the coastline. In the south
of the province is the large city of Kiskum where most of the province
population live. The Udine trading consortium has a small hold in the
mountains north of the city where it is trying to extract the large
amounts of gold in the old Kiskum royal mines. A road heading south
out of the province brings in food and other resources for the city.
In the centre of the city is the Tower of Magic, where Kiskum's
magician rulers live.

* Zoysko (2/3) sits right in the middle of Kiskum. It borders of each of
the other provinces in the realm and is mainly used for farming. In
the south-east corner of the province is the city of Ugulan.

* Marakrov (2/3) lies on the eastern border of Kiskum. Again it is
mainly reserved for several large slave farms that supply food to the
city of Ugulan which sits in the north-eastern corner of the province.

* Chuken (3/4) is the second coastal province of Kiskum, south of
Shmidta. It is a hilly province and sparsely populated. Most of the
people of the province live in the city of Ugulan which is in the
north-western corner of the province, on the border with Zoysko and
Marakrov provinces.

Allies: Kiskum has no allies and does not communicate with others outside
its border.

Enemies: No realm particularly likes Kiskum, but none is willing to invade
and risk losing their soldiers in the illusions that mask the realm.

By Ian Hoskins

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