>From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.
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The Cerilian Times
Issue 34 (Spring/575 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
Archive Site: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/8501/

Sarimiere - Roelir 575 MR


(9/1) Alamie and Boeruine sign an alliance.
(17/1) Brosengae launches surprise attack on Taeghas.
(2/2) Cariele continues invasion of the Five Peaks.
(7/2) Diemed defeat Medoere army in battle in Caerwil.
(16/2) Aerenwe attacks the Church of Storm's Height.

The Empire of Anuire:

(3/1 - Baruk-Azhik) The mage of Mieres, Mhistecai has been seen in Stone's
Rejoicing recently meeting with the Overthane of Baruk-Azhik. What business
the mage had with the Dwarves is not known but according to our agent she
was discussing some sort of treaty with the Dwarves, perhaps between Mieres
and Baruk-Azhik.

(7/1 - Brosengae) Following a recent expansion of the small nation the
duchess of Brosengae released this statement.

My good citizens,
I have recently acquired new lands to the south. If any man, woman or
family would like to move to this new land I will provide passage for you
free of charge. This is not totally free however. There will be hardships
as it is an undeveloped land. Farmers will face a hilly terrain and dryer
climate. You will have to work the land yourselves. I am going to build a
city there and roads and have patrols but it will take awhile to set
everything up to match the beauty of our lovely Brosengae. Fear not my
faithfuls, the journey will at first be arduous but those who go will be
rewarded in the end.

Your friend,
Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae

(9/1 - Boeruine) The Duke of Alamie journeyed to the fair city of Seasedge
this week to sign a new alliance between his nation and Boeruine. Archduke
Boeruine took the time to show his new ally around his castle, Seaharrow
and latter that day organized a feast to celebrate the agreement.

(12/1 - Mhoried) The has been more unrest in the northern Mhoried province
of Torien's Watch. A new organisation which has arisen in the province
within the last few month has been calling for the province to secede from
Mhoried and join Cariele. The organization is also starting to recruit
locals as members of a militia with the intention of throwing out their
Mhoried rulers. So far there has been no response from the Mhoried

(13/1 - Five Peaks) An army under the command of the Militant Order of
Cuiraecen have moved into the province of Sufanie and occupied the
province. They did not however meet any resistance and our agent did not
see even a single Goblin warrior in the whole month. Entire villages have
been found abandoned and empty of life and a far as could be determine no
monsters or enemy soldiers could be found in the province.

(15/1 - Coeranys) This announcement was recently released by the Duchess of

Recently, our neighbour, friend and ally, Elinie, was the victim of an
unprovoked attack by Osoerde, who is an ally of Ghoere. Ghoere has in the
past issued threats against our nation. In light of the close ties between
Ghoere and Highland/Overland Traders which is run by Ghoried Hiriele,
Highland/Overland Traders is deemed to be a dangerous presence in the
Coeranys and is no longer welcome here. Efforts to oust them from the
Coeranys will begin immediately.

Eluvie Cariel, Duchess of the Coeranys.

(17/1 - Brosengae) The Duchy of Brosengae has declared war on Taeghas and
sent a small force of five or six hundred soldiers into the Taeghas
province of Brosen. This attack came without any warning and appears to
have caught the Taeghas forces by surprise as the invaded province is
undefended at the moment.

(18/1 - Boeruine) The Archduke has ordered a small fleet of three Galleons
north to Daintier Island to assist Talinie in its invasion of the Siren's
Realm. No soldiers were sent with the fleet as the ships are only there to
protect against the Siren's owns ships.

(22/1 - Taeghas) The Taeghas army has launch a large counter offensive
against the Brosengae invasion. General Agelmore, head of the army has
moved much of the Taeghas army south to Brosen province close to two
thousand Taeghan soldiers are now moving towards the position of the
Brosengae soldiers. The Peaceful Seas of Nesirie has also a large number of
its priests along with the army to aid in healing wounded soldiers.

(23/1 - Boeruine) The Boeruine People Guild has sent out another expedition
to Aduria. A expedition this time only consists of one ship with soldiers
on board. We hope to bring you further information about they explorers
find on their journey as soon as we can.

(24/1 - Taeghas) In the face of such a large army the Brosengae forces have
retreated from Taeghas and are now heading back to the duchy. General
Agelmore of Taeghas has ordered his troops to pursue only as far as the
border as he awaits orders from his superiors.

(26/1 - Roesone) Harvest have been good throughout Roesone this season. The
government is reporting a large increase in the tax collection of the
province this month. According to the Baron this is most welcome and the
extra money will be put to good use improving his kingdom.

(2/2 - Five Peaks) Cariele has continued its invasion of the Five Peaks
this month, striking deep into the province of Torain. The large army,
which now includes the Cariele forces that had been stationed in Alamie has
taken control of this second province without any resistance. In fact our
agents report that no fighting at all went on in the province, and that no
humanoid warriors appeared to do battle with the Cariele army.

(7/2 - Medoere) Diemed has launched a large invasion of Caerwil province in
Medoere. We have yet to receive any reports of fighting but large numbers
of Medoere soldiers are said to be heading to the province to reinforce
Medoere's positions.

(9/2 - Medoere) A massive battle lasting much of the day has been fought in
Caerwil province around Dargon Keep. With two powerful wizards on their
side the Diemed forces have overwhelmed the smaller Medoere army and the
have now taken control of Caerwil province. Medoere is said to be preparing
for a counteroffensive against the invaders and hiring large numbers of new
troops. Roesone is also said to have sent a small force to assist Medoere
in the protection of the rest of its provinces.

(16/2 - Aerenwe) Aerenwe has launched a surprise attack on the holding of
the Church of Storm's Height on the eastern side of Caelcorwynn. Six
hundred Aerenwe soldiers participated in the raid on the province, which
was protected by an equal number of protectors. After a short skirmish the
Aerenwe troops were forced to flee after losing more than half their number
in battle. King Landen, who had just returned from the spring festival in
Coeranys has not had anything to say on the attack yet, or what further
action may be planned against the CSH province of Korven's Hold.
High Lord Imperator Wincae Raehech or the church could also not be
contacted as he is believed to be outside Osoerde at the moment on a
diplomatic mission of some sort.

(18/2 - Medoere) Diemed has withdrawn its forces from Medoere, after taking
the time to burn to the ground the temple of Ruornil before they left.
Medoere has sent the remainder of its armies north to once again secure the

(19/2 - Coeranys) A spring festival of Renewal has been held throughout
Coeranys. Attending the festival was the king of Aerenwe as well as several
other regents from the surrounding kingdom, including Phisaid Uriene or the
temple of Nesirie in the Iron Hills, and Elamier Lamier of Points East
Guild. Medhlorie Haensen of the Life and Protection of Avanaele had this to
say about the festival.

"The Spring festival is upon us, let the People of Coeranys celebrate this
renewal with all of the blessings of Avanaele, we encourage everyone to
receive the blessing of Avanalae during the festival. May this year be
fruitful and generous to the Duchy of Coeranys."

(22/2 - Avanil) A small mountain village in the province of Nentril has
been attacked and many villagers have been killed in the raid. Who raided
the villages is unknown as they could not been seen in the dark, but black
feathered arrows, similar to those used by the forces of Rhuobhe were found
after the battle. Nothing was taken in the raid, and it whole purposed
seemed to be to kill as many villagers as possible. Prince Avan has sent a
small force of soldiers into the mountains to investigate the attack and
report back to him.

(23/2 - Five Peaks) A large number of wizards are believed to be visiting
the Five Peaks this month to see something called the Tower of the All
Seeing Eye. It is not known who has called all these wizards here, or who
control this tower but even some members of the College of Sorcery have
sent members to gathering.

(29/2 - Elinie) A horrible plague has spread across Elinie, starting in
Hope's Demise province. Fortunately the priest of the Life and Protection
of Avanaele were able to counter the effects of most of this plague, but
their have been many deaths in Mholien province. The plague is believed to
have been started after the King of Elinie moved against the wizard known
as the swamp mage.

(2/3 - Diemed) The court wizard of Diemed has warded the barony's two most
eastern provinces to prevent the newly enlarged Medoere army crossing the
border into Diemed. Medoere has mustered a massive army ready for the
invasion but without a navy of any size, or any other way into Diemed may
now have to abandon their planned counter attack.

(14/3 - Osoerde) The duke of Osoerde has created a new unit of soldiers,
known as the Honour knights of Osoerde. This new specially trained unit
will be used to protect the province of Moriel.

(19/3 - Taeghas) The Taeghan Outfitters guild has just purchased a large
number of new vessels from the royal shipyards in the Imperial City. The
new fleet, believed to number at least five new vessels will be used for

(23/3 - Alamie) Duke Alam today signed a decree announcing the the Militant
Order of Cuiraecen is now the official religion of the duchy of Alamie.
This means that the church is now the official religion of Ghoere, Mhoried,
and Alamie making it the most powerful religion in all of Anuire. Some of
the other religions, especially those in the southern kingdom are very
disturbed by this development and are considering working together to
prevent the Militant Order expanding further.

(27/3 - Elinie) The province of Soiliete has been ravaged by a plague of
undead. The horde of skeletons, and zombie seem to be guided by some for of
intelligence and have raided and destroyed almost all the holdings of the
King and other regents in the province. They have not attacked the people
of the province yet, but if they do the Soiliete will soon be empty of

(30/3 - Boeruine) The expedition sent to Aduria by the Boeruine People's
Guild has yet to return. We hope to bring you word on what happened as soon
as they arrive back.

The Rjurik Highlands:

(14/1 - Siren's Realm) Two of the Talinie vessels protecting the province
of Daintier Island have been captured by the Siren. One was boarded in the
middle of the night, while the other went missing and is believed to have
deserted or been captured.

(25/1 - Svinik) Our office in Halskapa was recently sent this message by
the king of Svinik in response to the Three Tree Traders recent

In your newspaper this Guilder claims that the biggest threat to our fair
land is Anuirean Guilds and Temples. He uses as examples Andien and Sons
and The Eloele of Rjuvik. I can only speak of the happenings in my realm,
but I am sure Lady Dagmar will write to you about hers. The Guilds in my
kingdom owned by Andien and Sons are only one holding; where-as Three Tree
Traders has six. Guilder Andien has paid all the taxes asked of him and
more, Guilder Jrustraad has not. This Guilder says he worries about the
destruction of the land. Well to this unknowlegable guildmaster I reply;
Guilder Andien, The Oaken Grove of Erik, and myself are in the process of
finishing a place of learning in Svinik where we can try to find ways to
preserve this great land. Have you, Guilder Jrustraad, ever offered
anything to help? No, He has not offered anything to my people or this
realm. Instead he gives me threats to myself and the peace of this
Since this man continues to threaten and disregard the laws of this land, I
am forced to close his Guilds in my kingdom. They will be turned over to
the respective Jarls in each province.
I am trying to make peace through out Cerilia, this man continues to create
bigotry against the peoples of the south. I ask you who is the one that is
bringing more danger to the lands of Rjurik?

King Hruthvar of Svinik
Brother to the Rjuven Alliance

(4/2 - Stjordvik) The King has just announced that the province of Hjorvaal
will be free of any taxes for this season. The people of the province have
welcomed the announcement and given praise to the activities of their king.

(19/2 - Svinik) This announcement has just been released by the king of

As of this day I declare the Oaken Grove of Erik as the official Temple of
Svinik. I give all other temples three months to move their temples out of
my realm. I will pay 1GB per level of holding you will have to move. Also
at this time, since
our great centre of learning is almost completed I declare its name as the
Oaken College of Erik. Its first action will be to discover how we can
save our lands form the ravages of humanity. May our Father Erik continue
to bless us with his wisdom.

King Hruthvar of Svinik

(9/3 - Stjordvik) A reward has been posted in Stjordvik for the renegade
Jarl Gutrim, who fled the kingdom recently after the King sent troops to
throw him out. The Jarl is believed to be hiding somewhere in Dhoesone. The
reward is said to be 4,000 gold for the Jarl returned alive to Stjordvik.

(10/3 - Svinik) The King of Svinik has sent a force of soldiers to crush
the guilds of the Three Tree Traders and the White Witch. His troops have
arrest all those found that work for both guilds and have taken control of
those buildings and structures belonging to the guilds. The Three Tree
Traders have called on other rulers in the area to condemn the activities
of the King as it represents the actions of a man who is under the control
of an evil Anuirean Guilder known as Bannier Andien who is seducing the
King with large amounts of gold.


(28/1 - Rohrmarch) The following announcements have recently been released
by the King.

Dear fellow countrymen,
The dispute with the Elves of the Elven court is nearly settled. All I can
say is that there will ne no concern whatso ever about your livelyhood or
your homes. The Elves and Humans will work together in the future to keep
our country beautiful and our forests clean. With this statement I declare
all forests sacred to the extend that they can not be damaged. No one is
allowed to log in the forest without approval of the King or the King's
Court. The will be no further expansion into the forests without approval
of the King or his Court. The citizens of Rohrmarch will be expected to
look after their living area to keep it as clean as possible, pollution of
nature will be penalized by the King's Court. Excessive hunting or poaching
is outlawed, those who do so will face severe penalties.
Let it be clear that these rules are not because of the elves. I have a
great love for the forests I grew up in, and I would like to maintain them
for my grandchildren in a state that I knew them in.
Alaric I

>From to date, the eastern lands of the Island called Caelcorwynn will be a
protectorate of the Rohrmarch Royal House. Though this province will be
primarily controlled by the Church of Storm's Height, originating from
Osoerde, the King of Rohrmarch has established an outpost of his kingdom on
this Island. There, Brecht merchants, as well as others who deal, or would
like to deal with the country of Rohrmarch, can contact officials of the
Royal House, the Royal Customs, the Royal Free Masons and the Royal
Constabulary. As such, this outpost will be considered as Rohrmarch
territory, to be tread upon by invited people only, or those who come in
good heart and soul. Any desecration of these laws will be seen as a
provocation against the Crown of Rohrmarch itself, and thus acted upon.
Troops of the King, in the presence of Royal Marines, will be stationed
here to ensure no one treads lightly on these issues.
Alaric I, King of a unified Rohrmarch.

(18/2 - Vampire's Hold) The head of the Frodrik Foresstannen guild,
Frederick Buchassen has recently journeyed to the Vampire's small kingdom
to work out a deal that would see his guild continue to operate in the
provinces. It is believed that a large tax may have to be paid by the guild
in return for it being allowed to continue to operate.

(19/3 - Kiergard) Camyrynnyd Bullahrie, the Sayer of Coullabhie has entered
the war in Kiergard, trapping a large number of the Gorgon's soldiers in
Auchsward province. With the forces of Kiergard and the Gorgon preparing
for a final offensive against the rebels this has given the rebels a major
advantage. With nearly half the Gorgon's soldiers now trapped in the
province the Rebels can now move against the capital of Keirgard and
possible even succeed in their efforts against the Gorgon and his troops.


(18/1 - Ariya) Prince Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi, ruler of Ariya, has just
announced that his palace will be expanded. Many local artisans are being
employed to improve the old palace, expanding the gardens and many other

(29/1 - Binsada) We have just received work that Binsada, Zikala, and Ariya
have signed an agreement or alliance between their nations. Unfortunately
we have yet to receive all the details of the agreement, but it is believed
to be an agreement to work together against a common foe, perhaps Aftane.
There has been no response from Aftane or any of the other nations nearby.

(25/3 - Aftane) The rulers of Aftane, the Red Kings, have announced that
all trade with their lands will now be taxed. Any kingdom that trades with
Aftane that is not any ally of Aftane will now have to pay a tax on every
shipment of goods into the kingdom.