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Ed Stark wrote:
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> >"[This product] was supposed to come out this year and didn't. What is the
> >status of it?"
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> >??????????????????????????????
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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless something awful happens, every BR
> product scheduled for release this year is coming out this year (did I miss
> something--I may have). KING OF THE GIANTDOWNS shipped in July/August, BOOK
> OF PRIESTCRAFT is shipping in late October (so the production people
> assured me at this week's meeting) and, unless something bad happens,
> TRIBES OF THE HEARTLESS WASTES will be out in December. Seriously, correct
> me if I've forgotten something ... but I think that was this year's
> projected schedule (a long while ago we'd thought to put out a Rjurik
> domain sourcebook, but I don't think that ever made any catalogs ... but,
> then, maybe it did).
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Ed, as we discussed a couple weeks ago, there were several novels on the
slate that had been advertised, and never made it. I know they were
advertised as I have a huge Map of Cerilia that on the back lists "The
Birthright Product Tree" for 1995 and 1996, it includes 6 Novels. I've
only found 3 of them myself: Greatheart, The Spider's Test, and The Iron
Throne. I know you've told us that the Falcon and The Wolf will not
becoming out, what did we decide the fate of The Hag's Contract, and War

You mentioned Rjurik Sourcebooks, this poster claims Halskapa would be
out in June, and Stjordvik in December, Did they both make it?