Gaelin Whitestorm
Anuirean Fighter (Peasant Hero) 3rd level. Unblooded.
Born on the southern coast of Diemed, Gaelin's village was pillaged by
pirates from mieres. His family was killed, but he was kept as a galley
slave. He spent the next four years in constant pain and drudgery before
leading a rebellion.
Gaelin is obsessed with finding a safe place. He trusts no one, but treats
everyone fairly (as long as they don't get in his way). Gaelin seeks the
money necessary to build an impregnable stronghold, so regents may see him
beat down there door if they have posted notices seeking adventureres.
Gaelin has reddish-bronze hair and very pale skin. His clothing is
unassumingly plain. He is usually unarmed and close to penniless.
S15,D12,C16,I15,W14,C12. HP 30.
Preferred Weapons: Short Sword, Dagger, Brawling.
Other Skills: Sailor (Seamanship, Rope Use, Swimming, Navigation, Weather
Sense), Tailor, fire-building, Animal Lore, Ventriloquism.
(The Master of Whitestorm, Janny Wurts)

- -mallard