The Dominator
An ancient evil lies dormant in the Giantdowns. A tale of ancient evil
lost in the myths of the elves. Milennia ago, a vicious civil war was
fought between two powerful forces. The Dominator enspelled the strongest
mages of his time and forced them to serve him. Manipulating these Taken
like puppets, he forged an empire out of the elven lands. The remaining
elves banded together under the leadership of the White Rose, eventually
defeating the forces of evil. However, they were not strong enough to kill
them, but set strong wards around his resting place. The shades of those
fallen in the last battle guard the site from anyone who dares to tangle
with the wards.
The Dominator lies half-awake, half-asleep in the center of a ring of
barrows in southern Bjorlangen, next to the Ruide River. HE sends dreams
to those who stumble near the barrow, enticing them with dreams of power.
However, none have been reached who have the strength to breach the wards
and guardians.
The Taken have regained some measure of self-control and plan for their
own escape. Their barrows surround the Dominator's in a circle.

The myth of the Dominator is ancient hsitory even to the elves, it is
unkown for sure if he was/is an elf or something else entirely.

Names of the Taken
Lady, the Dominator's Wife
The Hanged Man

Note : None of the Taken like each other, and would just as soon stab each
other in the back. Only the Dominator's will kept them working together.
(Black Compnay, Glen Cook)

- -mallard