>I have to talk about the most underated class
>of the entire BR setting: the bard.

They do make ideal Lieutenants, though.

>Is the birthright world suitable if i don't intend
>to run the rules for running kingdomes etc?

I'd say so. It's the only DnD setting that I actually like. I played DnD
a bit in the early eighties, and still play in a silly high-level (I
like to call 14th level 'high') game about four times a year, but
Birthright has tempted me back. The kingdom-running aspect initially
intrigued me, but also I love the setting. Detailed politics make for a
much richer game world even for the ordinary character. I'd consider
giving the characters bloodlines if they wanted it, so that they can be
full magi if they want, but maybe only Tainted.

I'm actually playing in a non-regent game on Sunday nights.
Unfortunately, it's an Elven anti-Human party, so I had to play a Dwarf.

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