To all those hard core BR gamers we bring yet another BR PBeM

****Destiny of Regents****

We, as in six DM's, are going to creat the largest BR PBeM on the web. We
have a DM for almost every realm and TWO new ones. It looks like the game
will start on October 31. Moves will be Bi-Weekly???? If anyone is willing
to help please write me or one of the other DMs. Things are in the final
phases so keep checking back to our home page for updates and last minute

I want to send a thanks to The Birthright List for all the extra info and
Ian for his help in Aduria.

Hope To See You All in the Game.
Bryon Switala

AKA-Norvein Sergius
Adurian Minister Of Information
- -
Birthright-The Adurian Empire (Ian's Creation-My Translation)

Birthright Destiny of Regents PBeM
The Largest BR PBeM game coming to the Web

***First Move is October 31, 1997***