Ok, so folks have talked about their Adurian expansions; has anyone done
the same for the Dragon Isles (that island chain E. of Cerilia) or the
Golden Archepeligo (the islands s. of Cerilia, E. of Aduria)? I'd like any
info you've got, but especially maps. Thanks.

FAQ: folks talked about putting it up on one of the websites (which is a
good idea), but probably the best thing to do is to apend it to the
1st/automatic reply folks get after they sign up to the list ("I.E. welcome
to the BR list, here's a bunch of info folks often wonder about etc...")

Mr. Stark: Since you wrote it, could you please explain to me the backround
and reasons for the ruling (on P. 78 of Havens of the Great Bay) that
allows elves (and in this case half elves) ruling territories predomidantly
inhabited by humans to develop source holdings to their maximum potential
providing he controls all the holdings (etc)? I always thought that it was
because the elves (as a whole/society) lived in harmony with nature that
elven realms (not individuals) could permit this, while elves ruling a
human one (with its cities, agriculture, etc) would be just as limited as a
human ruler, 'cause of the nature of the society they are ruling (and that,
for example, if for some reason elves started living like humans--in
cities, etc, they would loose this benifit, and, from numerous references,
if humans [fat chance] started to live like elves, they could gain the
benifit [again, not likely]). Thanks in advance.