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Here is the forth of the kingdoms from my Adurian Expansion Thingy.
I will be posting at least two more over the next week, plus possible
further info.

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Ian Hoskins

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>From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.
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Kingdom of Bir-Warqu

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Status: Recommended

Province Law Temples Guilds Sources
Babane (0/5) STA (0) STA (0) - -
Toriapre (0/5) STA (0) STA (0) - -
Inhanbane (2/5) STA (2) STA (2) GS (0) -
Kokstad (2/3) JG (1) NTB (0) JG (0) -
Maritz (0/5) Ya (0) - - -
Pandan (3/2) JG (3) NTB (1) JG (1) -
Bir-Warqu (4/1) JG (4) NTB (4) JG (4) -
Fontein (2/3) JG (0) NTB (0) JG (0) -
Coguno (3/3) JG (2) NTB (2) JG (2) -

* Fortified holding

Abbreviations: STA = Suakien Temple of Azari (Lativus the Blind); JG =
Jarlam Goldoot (Bir-Warqu); NTB = Northern Temple of Brenna (Malbork
Koszalinski); Ya = Yani.

Province/Holdings: Most of the lands that make up Bir-Warqu are ruled by
the pirate king Jarlam Goldoot, from his coastal fortress. In some of the
northern provinces however the people look more to the temple of Azari for
leadership than the king

* Law: Both the king and the high priest of the Suakien Temple of Azari
control law holdings in Bir-Warqu
* Temples: The northern provinces look to the STA for their religious
guidance, which the rest of the kingdom follows the Northern Temple of
Brenna, which is based in Lindos to the south.
* Guilds: The king controls most of the trading in the kingdom, although
Gael Somellin from the Suakien Outfitters owns a small guild.
* Sources: No wizards currently live in the kingdom, or claim its

Regency Generated/Accumulated: 8/12
Treasury: Bir-Warqu currently holds 24 GB in it treasury and generates
around 15 GB a turn, plus money stolen from the rich southern merchant
vessels in raids.

Army: The Kingdom supports on 2 units of Spearmen. Its navy however is very
large for a nation of its size and consists of 2 Adurian War Galleys, and 7
Raider/Scout galleys.

Regent: The current king of Bir-Warqu is Jarlam Goldoot (MAd; F7;
Unblooded; Age 47). He is an old warrior who took over the kingdom from his
father only recently and has quickly turned it into something of a power in
northern Aduria. He has rebuilt the shattered Bir-Warqu fleet, which was
destroyed in an attack by the Adurian Empire, and led his new vessels on
several successful raids along the rich northern coast of the Adurian
Empire. With the money taken in these raids he has rebuilt the old towns
and cities along the coast of Bir-Warqu and for the first time in two
centuries the kingdom is actually growing once more, instead of the slow
reduction in population that had been occurring.
The King is still a harsh ruler like his ancestors, but he has learned that
spending money on the people is a good way to make them happy. With the
rebuilding of the Kingdom's pirate fleet gold is now flooding into the
King's coffers, although eventually Aduria will tire of his constant raids
and once more send a fleet north to attack Bir-Warqu again. The King hopes
to have a strong enough naval force ready by then to drive off the

Lieutenants: The King has three lieutenants, his general, the kingdom's
administrator, and a court magician.
Harinn Kasilix (MAd; F14; Unblooded; Age 65) is the old general of
Bir-Warqu. He looks after the kingdom's tiny army, while the King runs the
navy. An old man now, he was once a great soldier, who has served the last
two kings. He spends most of his time these days sitting in his favourite
chair at the barracks and watching his soldiers drill. He is still a superb
master of strategy and if war broke out he would be ready to fight.
Aleera Goren (FAd; 0-Level; Unblooded; Age 39) is Bir-Warqu's
administrator. It is her task to watch over the treasury and handle all the
taxation of the people and payment of the soldiers and sailors. She does
not really enjoy her work and is currently embezzling large sums of gold to
buy a villa in Aduria and live in luxury away from this primitive kingdom.
Jareen (MNe; M7; Unblooded; Age 54) is the court magician. He is the son of
a Nehalim noble, but was exiled for various crime and now lives here in
Bir-Warqu. He is a fairly incompetent magician and work more with tricks
than any real magic. He hopes one day to return to his homeland, but until
then lives here, charging the Kingdom highly for his services. Jareen owns
a large villa outside the capital and spends most of his time there. When
the King is in port, and not off on some raid he can usually be found in
the city however.

Important NPCs: Apart from those mentioned above there are few important
personalities in Bir-Warqu. The only other of note is the bandit Yani (MJh;
F4; Az, minor, 3; Age 24), who controls a force of nearly three hundred
bandits in Maritz province. The hilly land of that province hides his
troops well and he is able to raid into Pandan, Kokstad, and Fontein
provinces without any danger to either him or his men. King Jarlam knows of
his existence but is not willing to risk his few soldiers seeking the
bandits in the rough hills of Maritz. Instead the King ignores his raids,
as they do little damage to the King's finances, only those of his people.

Description/History: Bir-Warqu was once part of the Adurian empire. Two
thousand years ago when Aduria conquered these lands, and took them from
the Vos and Andu tribes the land was fertile grassland. The Adurians
claimed many of the cities once controlled by the fleeing tribes and formed
the eighth and Ninth regions of Aduria. Bir-Warqu was the ninth, the most
northern of the Adurian empires expansion. In those days the imperial
governor ruled the region from the city of Pandan, in the province of the
same name.
In those days Bir-Warqu was a prosperous land and many Adurians moved there
over the years. The lands under the governors control stretched from the
small northern village of Suakien to the city of Lindos in the south. For
many years life here was good and the region grew wealthy and populous, and
this continued for several hundred years.
Then came the Skissshar invasion which swept east from the mountain known
as the Spire. The armies stationed in Pandan and the rest of Bir-Warqu were
quickly swept away by the invading serpent men and soon all of Bir-Warqu
was under their control. The Skissshar were harsh rulers and many of the
great Adurian cities were destroyed, and even now, many centuries after old
ruins still dot the landscape. Almost half the population of the Bir-Warqu
region were slaughtered by the invaders, and most of the rest fled to
Aduria and the other lands to the south. By the time Aduria reclaimed these
lands they were almost empty of people. The long war had also done great
damage to the land itself and the once fertile plains were now barren and
lifeless. The Adurian army soon abandoned this land and returned home
leaving the ruined land behind them.
Some people did survive however, living from the sea or on the few fertile
patches of land left. Over the centuries the land has recovered and now
most of the coastline is capable of once again supporting life. Like
Suakien to the north and Lindos to the south the population of Bir-Warqu
has also recovered. Although nothing like what it once was the kingdom does
currently support a population of around sixty thousand.
Because of their reliance on fish for food in the years after the defeat of
the Skissshar the people of Bir-Warqu make great sailors. In all of Aduria
only perhaps the eastern empire of Subriya and the tiny realm of Harma to
the west can match them on the water. Unfortunately rather than become
traders like the Subriyans the sailors of Bir-Warqu have chosen to become
pirates and raiders. They are now renowned as the scourges of the northern
coast of the Adurian Empire and often hunted by the Adurian navy.
Bir-Warquan ships are much faster than the Adurian counterparts, and
equipped with large triangular sails which give them a definite speed
advantage over the Adurian vessels, which rely on rowers and only use their
sails to assist the rowers.
Even the fast Bir-Waquan raiders can not run forever though and ten years
ago a fleet of thirty Adurian war galleys caught up with them, with the
help of several magicians and almost the entire Bir-Warquan navy was
destroyed before the they could flee back north.
Despite their pirating lifestyle the people of Bir-Warqu are not generally
evil or criminal. Most are kind and hard working, running small farms and
vineyards on the plains to the west of the coastline. Poor in minerals and
other natural resources Bir-Warqu must import wood and stone from Suakien
to the north. The eastern provinces of the Kingdom are good for farming and
keeping animals though and the export of agricultural produce makes up much
of Bir-Warqu's income. The rest comes from pirating, but this is by no
means a major part.

Provinces: Bir-Warqu is made up of nine provinces, ranging from the
desolate northern province of Babane and Toriapre to southern coastal
province of Coguno.

* Babane (0/5) The far north-western province is a deserted barren
landscape. The only reason it is claimed by Bir-Warqu is because it
has historically been part of the kingdom and the King does not wish
to give up control of any lands. The Suakien Temple of Azari has a
small base here, near one of the ancient ruined cities. The priests
are currently searching the ruins for magic and wealth to assist their

* Toriapre (0/5) This province, on the northern border with Suakien is
another barren wasteland. Little grows here and it could almost be
considered a rocky desert. A few small fresh water springs prevent
this province from being totally abandoned though. The STA has a small
shrine and two inns here on the road north to Qabbii province in

* Inhanbane (2/5) Although as barren as the other two northern provinces
this province borders on the coast and is home to several fishing
villages and one large town, all along the coastline. In the southern
part of the province the barren rocky landscape clears to become
grassland and farmers herd large numbers of cattle and other animals.
Once again the STA has a stranglehold on the law in the province, with
the King having little control here at all.

* Kokstad (2/3) is the most central of the northern provinces. It is
north of Pandan and situated between the large eastern province of
Inhanbane, and the similarly sized western province of Babane. A road
runs north from here, through Toriapre and into Suakien. The south of
this province is becoming heavily populated as the grasslands are
slowly turned into farms and vineyards. Although it gets little water
the Bir-Warquan have discovered that grapes grow especially well here
and Kokstad supports several large vineyards. Much of the wine
produced is of poor quality though and it does not sell for the prices
that the Suakien wines fetch.

* Maritz (0/5) The most western of the central province, Maritz is a
rough hilly land. Bordering on the Adurian Wastes it is sparsely
populated with perhaps only as many as five or six hundred people
living there. Most are members of Yani the bandit's band. The bandit
has a hideout hidden deep in the hills where he stores his plunder and
wealth. Several times a month his men head east into the richer
province and raid farms and towns for food and gold. The Bir-Warquan
army has tried several times in the past to stop him but they are
never quick enough so they have given up and returned to the capital.
Several local authorities have since reached an agreement with Yani to
hand over a portion of their wealth to the bandit in return for
protection from his raiders.

* Pandan (3/2) This central province is one of the most fertile in all
of Bir-Warqu. A small river running from Maritz in the west to the sea
to the east provides plenty of water for irrigation and it is put to
good use. Most of the province is dedicated to farming. The small town
of Pandan is built near the ruins of the ancient Adurian city of the
same name and many tales speak of vast treasures and danger that is
said to await any who would venture into the ruins. A road runs north
from here to Kokstad, and turns east heading to the capital.

* Bir-Warqu (4/1) To the east of Pandan is the capital province, which
holds the coastal city of Bir-Warqu, which the kingdom is named after.
The Pandan river reaches the sea where the city lies and the province
supports both farming and a large fishing fleet. The city itself is
built on a cliff overlooking the river, and the harbour. All of the
important buildings are constructed on the higher ground, while the
poorer people live on the river banks and shoreline below. The harbour
itself is the base of the Bir-Warquan navy and the shipyards which
produce the modified vessels that serves and the mainstay of the navy.
Bir-Warqu is a rough town with many taverns similar building to cater
to the large number of sailors that live there.

* Fontein (2/3) The most western of the two southern province, Fontein
is a lightly populated farming province. Apart from the occasional
raids by the Maritz bandits little of interest occurs here.

* Coguno (3/3) The last of Bir-Warqu's province this coastal land lies
east of Fontein and south of the capital. A road runs south from
Bir-Warqu and through Coguno to Lindos. Farming and fishing are the
most common occupations of the people of this province. A small port
in the south of the province acts as a safe harbour and supply base
for the Bir-Warquan fleet should the main port in the capital fall to
enemies. Fifty soldiers from the army are stationed here at all times.

Allies: Only Lindos to the south could be counted as an ally, although the
rebels in Solontara have made recent diplomatic moves, hoping for an
alliance with Bir-Warqu. The King has rejected this though, not wishing to
draw the wrath of Aduria by siding with its enemies.

Enemies: Bir-Warqu has no real enemies, but their raids on northern Aduria
have drawn notice from that empires rulers and soon the Kingdom may find
itself with one very large enemy. Bir-Warqu is a long way north from the
Empires borders though and has escaped notice of Emperor Augustus so far.

By Ian Hoskins

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