When I started my Birthright campaign I had the same problem. Most of
the folks in the gaming group wanted to be some kind of demi-human
character (especially an elf!). After a little discussion with the group
I came to the conclusion that their primary motivation was what I call
"min-maxing" their PC's.

I stopped them cold using both Ed's idea of percentage chance to be a
demi-human (which was extremely low) and the fact that an elf character
would be treated so badly by the general human population. One player
insisted on being at least a half-elf but has lost most of his fire for
the PC due to the way he is treated by the general population.

I wanted to make my campaign more political than hack-en-slash. Elfs
just don't fit in well with that type of game play while humans,
especially human regents, thrive on it.

Bryan Palmer
Arizona State University

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I have a DM problem that needs to be answered. All of the people I play
with want to be Elves because they are immortal. How do I stop this? I's
getting out of hand. They are always Elven fighter/mages. It's getting
old. What do I do?
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