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    Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2004 7:20 AM

    > [re: What is campaign setting material or color versus definitions?]

    > I thought this was also hidden in several other thread, but I gave up

    > looking for - the curse of off-topic threads :(

    The best way to find more on the color v setting is to do a search on the

    terms "Gary" and "Color" I tried it myself and you get all kinds of gems.

    Then just look about at adjacent posts. This issue is largely driven by

    Gary who has framed the debate and participated in it almost every time its

    come up. I ran a search of it, and aside from suggestions than we adopt a

    color coded this, or have color art there, its a pretty good way to hone in

    on the issues involved. If you aren`t happy with Gary`s approach, look at

    those adjacent posts, because others do chime in from time to time.

    Off topic material are like gems in the mountains, irdeggman, you need the

    patience of dwarves to mine them, but they are a treasure to obtain. (Or

    you can just be in the mailing list and not miss a thing).

    Kenneth Gauck

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    At 12:56 PM 3/13/2004 -0600, Kenneth Gauck wrote:

    >The best way to find more on the color v setting is to do a search on the

    >terms "Gary" and "Color" I tried it myself and you get all kinds of gems.

    I try to use the spelling "colour" when talking about things like campaign

    materials as opposed to game mechanics. The British spelling just strikes

    me as being more appropriate to the issue since it doesn`t add anything to

    the sense of the word, but does provide a sort of context, theme or

    affectation to the issues discussed--not unlike colour material itself--so

    if one were to do a search one might want to try that spelling.


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