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Subj: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Undead Legion/Domain Sourcebooks
Date: 97-10-17 13:25:20 EDT
From: RMoraza
To: Taragin@sprintmail.com

I will go this weekend to all the little hobby shops around here and make a
list of the BR products that they have. I will post this list after I have
compiled it. I am going to try to work out a deal with the shop owners so I
can sell the products for them to people here who need them. I am also going
to check with the distributer who supplies all these southern stores and see
if they have any more product in stock and if they do, I'm going to ask them
if they will make the products available over the net.

I want everybody who plays this great game to be able to get the products
that they need. Hopefully we can make this work.

BTW, if nobody out there can send me a scanned "Legion of Undead" card, can
someone at least give me the stats?