Does anybody have an idea on exactly how castles affect war card battles?
On p. 65 of the Rulebook, it says a province with a castle that is occupied
continuously with enough troops to neutralize the castle is considered to be
under siege. The next section states that if an attacker has an artillerist
unit in his army, he can assault the castle, which is run like a normal
battle "with some special rules."
Any idea where these special rules are? I haven't been able to find any, and
it's led to a few confusing situations in my campaign.
For instance, if you invade a province with a castle, do you fight a normal
battle, or do you have to wait until the castle is reduced by siege?
If you do fight a normal battle (with the Fortifications terrain card), and
the invading force wins, is the castle considered to be destroyed, captured,
or what?
What about the artillerists unit? Can a war card battle be fought in a
province with a castle without artillerists? Again, what happens to the
castle if the artillerists win?
And if artillerists are needed to fight a war card battle in a province with
a castle, what happens if the artillerist unti is destroyed before the battle
is won?

I know it's a lot of questions, but these all came up in my last game, so I
would greatly appreciate any help by way of house rules, etc.

Thanks, Rob McCreary