> If this is going to be of any use, I would also offer my humble service=
s for
> "translating" Brecht-words.
> As we here in Germany (greetings to Simon) first looked at those nice B=
> domains, we had a really great time, finding another funny one.
> Most of the Brecht-words are two words put together.
> (in german, you build complicated words by "putting them" together as a=
> "Zusammengesetztes Substantiv". So the popular examples for german word=
s in
> the
> english language, "kindergarden" and "Blitzkrieg", are both "put togeth=
> (kind =3D child; garten =3D garden; Blitz =3D flash; Krieg =3D war).
> So:
> 'Graben-tod' means 'ditch'-'death'
> 'Drachen-wehr' means dragon-(weir/dike/arm)
> 'Danigau' contains 'Gau' =3D shire
> 'Arm' (from Danig Arm or Dauren Arm) is here used as 'strait'
> 'Adlersburg' means 'Eagle's'-'Keep'
> 'Starkhundt' is 'strong'-'dog', although the last 't' is added just for=
> We also have geographical references:
> 'Danig' reminds me of Danzig, a city in Poland, which has been a part o=
> Prussia
> a long time ago.
> 'Meklsburg' from 'Meklenburg-Vorpommern', a german "Bundesland" (which
> equals a state in the U.S.)
> 'Leipzur' sounds like Leipzig, big city in the eastern part of Germany.
> 'Thuringode' =3D Thueringen, another "Bundesland"
> 'Wesbralen' =3D Westfalen, another "Bundesland"
> (what would you think, if you buy a campaign set, and there are places =
> Caliphonia, Esklahoma, Rikago, Tissachasetts... *chuckle*)
> Then there are famous people:
> Kantswach =3D Kant's awaken (Kant, the philosopher)
> Mjollinar =3D The name of the hammer of Thor, Mjoellnir
> Others are mixed German-English:
> Drachen-jaw ok, Dragonjaw
> Drachen-ward you might guess this one
> Tooth-mark 'Toothmarches' or 'Toothfrontier'
> Black-ruft 'Black calls'
> Now the best ones:
> 'Musbrahlen' can be understood as heavily murmured 'Mussprahlen',
> which would mean: 'I *have* to boast' (hihihi)
> 'Allesrecht' is one of my favourites, 'Mir ist "alles recht"'
> means 'I am happy anyway', or 'Do as you please' (take my domain,
> it is 'Allesrecht' (harharhar))
> One of the best is 'M=FCden' (HAHAHA), because 'm=FCde' means 'tired' a=
nd I
> always think
> about a court of sleepy yawning grumblers crawling out of their beds an=
> wiping their
> eyes if I hear that name :)
> Also great is 'Froschschloss' (must be a nightmare to pronounciate for
> english/american-speakers) It means frog-castle (hmhmhm)
> I think there are more good things, ..hmhm.. but I can't stop laughing
> right now,
> and I am actually quite 'm=FCde' right now (it is 01:30 in the night he=


Your making me wish I studied German in High School rather than Spanish. =
It seems
that German is actually a good language to use in Fantasy, probably bette=
r than
Gaelic since that's being over used quite a bit (RE: LoTR, and other Fant=

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal Gamemaster.
I break all the rules."