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    Library of Alklund

    I'd like to advertise the fact that I'm trying to set up a section
    of my homepage in which I will post BR poems, short stories and adventures,
    if you have any please send them to me.
    I'm also taking additions to my "Art of War" section. Here is what I
    have so far:

    >The use of the Warding spell:
    >One of the most effective methods of achieving victory is by not fighting
    at all. In the spirit of this ideal the powerful enchantment Warding is very
    effective. With the use of it a wizard of great power can weave a
    inpenetrably dense wall of fog around a said number of provinces, isolating
    them from the rest of the world.
    >There are several uses to this spell. The first can be to isolate yourself
    when an enemy is more powerful than you are. The second use is to isolate a
    portion of your state and an undefended portion of an enemy's state. In this
    manner your armies can march unapposed into his provinces, and you can
    invest them before he realizes what is happenning.
    >If the enemy's armies are concentrated in one province then it is possible
    to isolate that province; trapping in the process the enemy forces, and
    leaving the entire realm undefended. If the enemy refuses to accumulate in
    this manner then it is also possible to lure him into one of yours. When his
    armies storm into your province then you trap him. This leaves you free to
    go around him and into his realm.
    >Obviously the posible uses of this spell are limitless, and the creative
    general will undoubtably find new combinations with it. If used with
    discretion this spell can and will win wars.

    Thank you all in advance, The address is below.


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    Library of Alklund

    On your uses of the Warding spell, here's another one that just came up in my

    The PC regents in my game have decided to lay seige to the Warlock's citadel
    (from Warlock of the Stone Crowns adv). It's Spring in Cerilia - they are
    confident that they can wear him down before winter. The Warlock knows
    they're coming. He's decided to wait until they get into position and then
    he's going to cast "Warding", effectively trapping them there with no hope of
    reinforcements. He's drained all the sources in the surrounding area so they
    can't dispell it. All he has to do now is hold out until the snow starts to
    fall, and they're popsicles.

    It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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